Hot Product: Sixers Playoff Hoodie

I posted this earlier, but it’s worth calling out here: The Sixers’ playoff hoodie is in-stock (for now) at Fanatics. Better yet, it’s guaranteed to deliver by Friday if you order by end of day today, or else it’s FREE. Not a bad deal.

I have one of these (the Sixers sent me) and I can assure you, it’s awesome. It’s a lightweight hoodie, modern fit, perfect for this time of year. I find that they run a little bit small, but not overly so. Highly recommended.

You can get one right here.

That’s an affiliate link, so if you use it you’ll be supporting the site.

UPDATE: It looks like we sold them out of every size but small. I’m checking to see if they’re re-stocking (my guess is if they do, the Friday delivery thing will no longer apply). In the meantime, they have other great playoff logo shirts here.

UPDATE 2: They are fully sold out. They are working to get different colors available. But more playoff logo shirts from that brand here.

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