Joel Embiid is “F^%$#@! Sick and Tired of Being Babied”

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Posted on Instagram shortly after the Sixers’ game two loss:

Brett Brown was asked about this during his press conference and didn’t seem at all concerned.

Paraphrasing his answer while trying to type as fast as I can:

“Joel wants to be with the team, wants to play. I get his frustration. The medical side and different reasons, I won’t go there. But the (social media) is completely driven out of team and competitiveness, that type of flavor.”

We’ve seen this before. Remember when Joel thought his minutes restriction was “fucking bullshit?” That turned out fine, and Brown wasn’t bothered by that line.

Either way, looks like Joel is ready for game three.

Game two observations in the morning.


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    1. Embeib is nothing more than an 8ft2 450 pound pussy.
      He should quit sand bagging and get out there.

  1. The Cuz said this would happen. Nothing to worry about. They win the next 3 in a row.

    1. The Cuz knows his shit. Y’all see Brace and Shander sitting court side last night?

  2. The cuz said the officiating was brutal that 2nd quarter, and overall as well, for both teams. Maybe they were worried it was getting too chippy, but it’s difficult to watch with a whistle every 10 seconds.

  3. I don’t know what it is, but the Cuz gets me so fired up for the 6ers. He knows the pro game better than anyone. He said they would lose game 2 then win the next 3. He just has a feel for this team. Love the Cuz.

      1. I don’t know how you have time type all your ‘cuz’ brown nosing messages with his dick down your
        The Cuz is a heart attack waiting to happen.
        That fat load is nothing more than a brown noising asswipe.

  4. Dear Joel… if you’d like to not be babied then please stop getting injured. You are Charmin soft and as brittle as a liberals psyche. If you stayed in Africa you would have been eaten by a lion or died from Aids by now. #RealTalk

  5. The cuz took a shit last night and i was there to see it.
    The Cuz is great. he uses at least 1/2 a roll!
    I can’t beleive it!
    The cuz gets no credit!

  6. Joel is going to come out too fired up and by the end of the first quarter will have three fouls and several turnovers from trying to put the ball on the floor. .

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