Joel Embiid attended mass at St. Kevin Parish in Springfield last night.

Nothing like an NBA superstar randomly popping by Sunday evening mass at a small Catholic church in Delco. Photo evidence galore from St. Kevin’s own post:

Fun fact: I grew up going to St. Kevin’s for both mass and CCD before I broke PAROCHIAL BOUNDARIES and went to St. Francis for seventh and eighth grade for reasons I still don’t understand. Whatever. St. Kevin’s is the OG Springfield parish, and apparently it’s the one Embiid has chosen for his spiritual guidance. Something tells me mass next week will be just a bit more heavily attended, and I’m all for a trust the process refrain during general recitations.

It turns out, Embiid went with an assistant trainer, who belongs to the parish, at least according to Mark Gorman, who posted a pic with Embiid on Facebook:

Assistant coach Billy Lange was also there, so maybe something was lost in translation here. Regardless, you just have to believe.