This one slid under the radar this morning, but Terez Owens posted a video that appears to show Hall of Fame wide receiver-turned-landlord Marvin Harrison going after one of his tenants with a baseball bat:

The guy who took the video wrote this in an email to the sports gossip site:

“I was menaced and threatened by Mr Harrison, who is my landlord. I have 8 minutes of clear video and would like to monetize it. I retain the rights to the video until the release is finalized. I have a sample of the quality and if you are interested, please contact me ASAP. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

So the guy wants money for the video. I guess I would, too.

That does appear to be Harrison, a Philly native, in the video above. I watched the clip about 20 times and I think this is in Brewerytown, where Harrison owns 80+ properties, including Chuckie’s Garage and a sports bar called Playmakers.

You can hear the guy say the following while shooting video:

“This shit is already in the cloud, so take it… I get money for this. This is how you get paid. You want your money, right? Don’t matter. Don’t matter… (confrontation). Yo that man stole my hat! Yo I just got robbed by my landlord Marvin. Marvin why you stole my hat?”

Harrison has had prior brushes with the law in the past, as detailed in this 2014 Philadelphia Inquirer article:

Local resident Dwight Dixon claimed that Harrison shot him in the hand on April 29, 2008, after the two fought near Harrison’s garage at 25th and Thompson street in North Philly.

Another man, Robert Nixon, claimed he was wounded in the back by an errant shot fired by Harrison.

Police later said ballistics evidence proved that several shots had been fired that day by a gun Harrison admitted to owning.

Charges were never filed, however, because then-District Attorney Lynne Abraham said Dixon, Nixon, Harrison and several others told numerous contradictory stories about the shooting. Dixon and Nixon filed civil suits against Harrison.

On July 21, 2009, Dixon was riddled with gunfire on Girard Avenue near 28th Street, two blocks from Harrison’s bar, Playmakers. Dixon told police he believed Harrison was behind that shooting. Dixon died two months later. His slaying remains unsolved.

In 2010, police stopped Harrison for driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street in North Philly, and confiscated a 9mm handgun that he had in his possession.

Harrison, now 45 years old, was an eight-time Pro Bowler with the Indianapolis Colts. He won Super Bowl XLI and finished his career with 1,102 receptions for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns.