Michael Barkann Is Moving Off of Philly Sports Talk To Do Pre and Post Game Shows Exclusively

NBC Sports Philly press release:

NBC Sports Philadelphia announced today that Michael Barkann, the venerable day-one voice of the network, has been elevated to primary host of all pre and postgame shows.

As the network seeks to further cultivate its relationship with Authentic Fans, Barkann will focus on anchoring Sixers, Phillies and Flyers programming, in addition to his Eagles responsibilities.

Throughout the nearly 21 years of the network, Barkann’s duties have included hosting “Philly Sports Talk” (formerly Daily News Live), specials – including championship parades, and of course, “Eagles Pregame Live” and “Eagles Postgame Live.”

“Michael has changed the way Philadelphia sports fans watch and interact with their teams, making Eagles Postgame Live a must watch for all Eagles fans,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia President Brian Monihan. “We are thrilled that he is bringing his same level of passion and knowledge to our highly-rated Flyers, Phillies and Sixers pre and postgame programs.”

“It has been my honor to bring “Daily News Live/Philly Sports Talk” onto the air 20 plus years ago, and help it grow to become a daily staple of Philadelphia sports,” said Barkann. “I now have the opportunity to bring fans closer to the games they love by hosting the pre and postgame programs. I am excited for, and appreciate this opportunity.”

Catch a special tribute to Michael Barkann on “Philly Sports Talk” on Thursday, April 26.

The network also announced today that Amy Fadool and Marc Farzetta will be the permanent co-hosts of “Philly Sports Talk.” The duo began hosting the show on Fridays earlier this year. Fadool has been a fixture on NBC Sports Philadelphia since 2009, as a host, anchor and reporter. Farzetta, a long time behind-the-scenes member of the NBC Sports family, is best known for his role on WIP’s “Angelo Cataldi & The Morning Team” show.

“Philly Sports Talk” airs Monday through Fridays from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. on NBC Sports Philadelphia. The network’s pre and postgame shows air prior to, and immediately after all Flyers, Phillies and Sixers games airing on NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports Philadelphia+, and all Eagles games.

Allow me to read between the lines here. This is totally my own conjecture. Elevated to primary host of post-game shows (he frequently already hosted)… with Amy Fadool and Marc Farzetta succeeding him on the show he pioneered. I don’t know many people who want to work more nights and weekends on the back-end of their careers. Regardless, Fadool and Farzetta should breathe some new life into Philly Sports Talk, which sorely needs it. Originally a 90-minute show, Daily News Live has been cut to 60 minutes in recent years and re-branded with the more generic, NBC-approved moniker. Whereas the show used to be a place to catch up on all the goings on in Philly sports and prepare for the night ahead, it lacks a certain… relevance… in 2018. But switching things up can’t hurt.

Post-game shows are where it’s at on regional sports networks. Some have already done away with news-type shows like PST and Sportsnite or whatever it’s called now. Post-game, though, where you can breakdown games while they’re still #fresh and air live press conferences, still has some value, so moving Barkann here full-time makes sense– he’s good at it and is somehow always awake at 12 a.m.

It’s also worth noting that NBC Sports Philly recently began simulcasting Mike Missanelli’s radio show from 2-5, even though it runs until 6. It seems to me that an easy way to cut costs and probably not suffer much of a ratings dropoff would be to just extend it you 6, doing away with PST completely. But, you know, I’m not here to make that decision.

Anyway, for now the show will be in the capable hands of Amy Fadool and Marc Farzetta, while Postgame Live gets a more steady, consistent dose of Barkann.

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25 Responses

    1. They should shit can him and replace him with the guy that makes those fake dog shirts and pockets all the
      money..whilst lane johnson and the NFL give their dog shirt money to charity.
      After all fake dog shirt guy is a pretty righteous fine upstanding guy.
      And he’s pretty organized also…..even though he did promise plenty of leslie gudel articles
      and only delivered maybe 3.

  1. Please let this be the end of boring Rob Ellis. Also, can Farsi get his tonsils fixed so he doesn’t always sound like he has phlegm in his throat?

    1. Ellis is only there because they owe him money from his “Breakfast on Broad” contract and he’s the only one of those four who couldn’t go get a real job when that shitshow got cancelled. His one strength is that he is consistently bad at covering all sports. He’ll be gone the minute they don’t owe him any more money.

  2. He probably wants to lighten the load at this point. I am not a big fan (he yells like a carnival barker) but he does work hard. I guess Rob Ellis’s days are numbered at CSN. I like him. Anywhere left for him to go?

    1. He must be disappointed this was suppose to be his gig since Mike moved on. He got shafted

  3. “As the network seeks to further cultivate its relationship with Authentic Fans,” it continues to lose touch with the people who actually watch and go to the games. Like I need some assclown with a backwards Phillies cap and oversized Sixers jersey talking in a fake South Philly accent to explain to me what an “authentic” Philly fan is? A contrived, bullshit campaign that fits perfectly with their effort to cater their television programming to people who don’t watch television.

  4. “capable hands” and Amy Fadool do not go together as it relates to sports journalism. Maybe you can apply that characterization to a different skill set but

  5. Sounds like a winning combination. A show loaded with polls, tweets and graphics. This show went from actual newspaper sports columnists to a shell of itself. I mean after all who would want to listen to beat reporters and guys who cover the team everyday.

  6. I’ll miss Michael! Whenever he wasn’t on PST, I found the show boring and MUCH less entertaining.
    Oh well, time marches on!!

  7. Bob and I Pity Da Fool both hit it on the head. Anytime Barkann didn’t host the show it was boring. His energy made that the long running staple it was. Ever since they transitioned from Daily News Live the show has been on a steady decline. Barkann’s personality with the knowledgeable panels they used to regularly have made it appointment television for me. I think Barkann has gotten a bum rap since hosting his radio show. It might have made him overexposed and wasn’t the best showcase of his talent. But he has the best sense of humor, the most energy and brings more out of his guests than anyone on that network has ever come close to. Just think about how much more insightful and entertaining those newspaper columnists were with him in the host chair as opposed to any sub. RIP to the 5pm hour on CSN. Michael B, catch you before and after the games. Hopefully the station will create a new show where you can continue to do high profile interviews. Not sure there will be space for that on Pregame and you’re the best at that too. Go Barkann Go!

  8. I can’t watch anymore. Mark is great but Amy seems like she’s in charge. Please switch Mark is so much better. I’m a woman and I prefer men talking men’s sports. The set is ugly. There is no quick six. Amy needs someone to help her like a personal assistant to buy her clothes. I feel bad not enjoying Amy and the 5:00 show but honestly I can’t watch it anymore.

  9. It’s unwatchable now. Feels claustrophobic.
    Horrible set. Like I’m watching the kids table in a dorm room.

  10. Sick of Fadool. Farzan isn’t much better. She keeps on yakking and says not much. No sense in having any knowledgeable guests. Fadool and Farzan constantly interrupt when they try to talk.

  11. Amy Fadool has got to go. She never stops talking over whoever is with her. She is not funny. I honestly can’t watch PST anymore. Why did they get rid of Barkann?

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