RADIO WARS: Chris Carlin Is Going To Get Replaced By Mike Francesa

So it would appear that former WIP Afternoon host Chris Carlin is shifting roles again.

Carlin left WIP last year to take over for Mike Francesa at WFAN, where he is joined by Maggie Gray and Bart Scott in the afternoon. Their show is not doing well, and an insider I talked to referred to it as a trainwreck. So cue Francesa, who is reportedly coming back, according to Newsday:

Saying “it is time to return to WFAN,” Mike Francesa told Newsday on Tuesday morning that after four months away from the station he is ready for a comeback.

Francesa declined to elaborate on what form his return might take, but a person at WFAN with knowledge of the plan said he likely would reclaim a portion of his old afternoon drive time slot, from 3 to 7 p.m. It is not clear when that would occur.

It sounds like Carlin, Gray and Scott could be moved a 1-3 p.m. time slot, leading into Francesa.

Last month, Carlin took exception when Francesa joined his former co-host Chris Russo – Carlin used to produce their show – and the pair made fun of the current WFAN lineup.

Carlin subtweeted the shit out of this story on Twitter this morning:

My thought: This seems to be a trend in sports talk radio. It turns out Philly isn’t the only market longing for better days in many time slots. It turns out that the younger, ostensibly hipper hosts aren’t always better. Part of the problem is listeners get comfortable with a longtime voice, and the other part is that the new generation of hosts has largely come up trying to emulate an old host, whose shitck was either original or crafted by the years of actual experience covering a team. Now, many radio hosts grow up wanting to become radio hosts– they have no experience on which to draw, and rather just try to do their best version of the guy they’re replacing. That seems to be what we have here.


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  1. The problem with sports talk today is that all of the younger guys all sound the same. Their voices are almost indistinguishable from one another and it doesn’t help that their approach to doing sports talk is mostly the same.

    I may long for the days of Mac & Mac in the afternoon, but it’s because they had unique voices, styles, and perspectives. They didn’t seem bound to the concept of trying to find up calls by faux controversial comments by hosts nor did they feel the need to be cool or hip. They didn’t all need their own version of Sound Off in their show, but had fun, original gimmicks like Do Me A Favor.

    Mike is sort of the master of modern sports talk and it’s a decent listen because he’s the best at it, but he was still much better when he had Steve to bounce off of — an equal who was completely different than him and could put him in his place when necessary.

      1. Jody has lost a lot off his fastball for sure. But back in the day, Jody was the best show on WIP.

      2. He still works shifts for the FAN and Fox Sports Radio in addition to WIP. If your working national shifts on syndicated radio you have to know what your doing.

  2. Certainly the young guys on midday and afternoon on WIP have nothing to say. As moronic as the callers. Babblers.

  3. Podcasts are so much better now, BGN has a boatload of content and good mix of personalities

    1. BNG radio is fine as long as James Seltzer isn’t part of the crew.
      Every time he talks he screams like BLG is fingering his butt hole.
      And he screams like a 13 year old girl.
      Has to be the most annoying person on radio any where.

  4. WIP needs to RIP. Bunch of out of town blabbermouths that spend all their time creating forced controversy. Please let the Eskins and company go away.

  5. If he stays healthy I think Mike will work another 3-5 years. He is the absolute best. He realized he made a mistake leaving about three weeks into his retirement from the FAN. Sirius tried to sign him to take over the 1-3 shift replacing Torre and work on Fridays with the Dog but financially they couldn’t come to an agreement. Mike has made a lot of money in his career earning about $3 million a year for a long time. The station wanted him to stay and he was offered a raise. He declined. Now returning there he is going to make less money but he also works less hours. 4 hours a day vs 5 1/2 hours. Chris and his crew are on shaky ground. They have a two year deal. Now they are going to work 1-3 preceded by Evan and Joe. If they don’t hold their own in that 1-3 shift they will be gone when the contract is up. Joe is close to retirement and the FAN needs to develop someone to eventually replace Mike when he finally retires for real.

    1. IMO Chris and his crew will be gone before or at the end of their contract, the Mike will start at 1pm.

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