The Eagles Are Considering a White House Visit

From Ian Rapppppppopopopopopoport:

Kind of surprising here given how liberal many of the Eagles are. My guess is that this is the sort of thing where they agree to go and maintain decorum, giving Trump the photo op he wants, but only if there is a substantive conversation before hand about race and inequality.


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  1. If they don’t go it will be an enormous disgrace to the city of Philadelphia and the NFL.

    1. If they go, it will be an enormous disgrace to the City of Philadelphia and the NFL.

      1. lol I love watching pussy liberals melt… your brain has to fry daily at the facts #CKY

        1. Glad to help you out.

          I figure it is the only pussy you ever see.


  2. Who the hell wants to go and see the wrost president we ever had he’s races hates women’s and only think ab his self so yea it will be very embarrassing to go and see him

    1. what does he race? “he’s races” you might want to see the amount of minorities in employs hahahaha hates women? most women hired in the cabinet in the history of the presidency, only thinks about his self hahahaha I’d be willing to bet the money Obama and Hillary received for the Uranium 1 scandal that your IQ lands in-between 70-80 leaving you as a dullard.

      1. Hahaha. You’re the same dumbass who was on here last week claiming the Flyers were a great team because they lost in the Stanley Cup Finals more than any other team in the past 43 years. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised you are a dumb Trump supporter who believes the fake uranium story too.

  3. 9.74…. “My guess is that this is the sort of thing where they agree to go and maintain decorum, giving Trump the photo op he wants, but only if there is a substantive conversation before hand about race and inequality.”….. is that your guess Kyle? Brilliant/original (as always). I’m surprised you didn’t wait for someone in the local sports media to tweet that first. Thanks Kissinger.

    1. Gary, they really do. It is a statistical fact, he has had the most successful first year of any president. EVER. I’m a registered dem too, and voted for HC. I am so glad that C didnt win. Trump is making America great, for all! Even Me!!

  4. They really do. (But they are suppose to be so tolerant what gives???) It’s funny how the libtards will go off on a tangent about something you said months, weeks ago. Ignoring the subject matter . Then take a shot at you or interject something as a “real fact.” GFY

  5. This will be a divisive issue on a close team. The only way to do it is if they all have conversations up front and who wants to go, goes. Everybody respects everybody’s choice. (or at least keeps this a non-issue). Maybe, he’ll “rescind” the offer in some sort of inarticulate, trite, tweet with many !!!…!!!s. That might be best for all.

  6. oh f__k them. go ahead and wring your racist hands until the leader of the free world tells you not to bother. says:


  7. Had it been 2014 or 2010, when they got their Lombardi trophy, and President Obama invited them, I’m sure there would be some on the team who don’t agree with Obama’s politics, but would go anyway. This is no different.

      1. Norks conceding, ISIS non-existent, bonuses for all. So what’s ruined ? Details plz.

  8. If they visit the White House then I’m done with this team. They’ll enablers of Hitler part two who wants to make America white again.

  9. I am furious that Trump even invited those racist Eagle bastards, He should have ignored them completely.

  10. Considering Trump called players like Jenkins and Long SOBs in a public forum, I wouldn’t blame them for not going. You Trump people have to be the biggest morons ever. News Flash! Hillary lost. You don’t need to bring her up all the time. No one brought up McCain or Romney nonstop when Obama won. You guys are really obsessed with her. But I guess that’s what happens when all you watch is TrumpTV on Fox News.

      1. Can you read? Your site which is google has results on how republicans are STILL using Hillary for their 2018 midterms. You might be the dumbest person alive.

  11. If POTUS extends an invitation to talk about social justice with the team and they turn it down, then that’s on them and makes them look bad. If I’m the leader of a movement and POTUS invites me to the White House, I would take every opportunity to have a discussion with him.

  12. It always puzzles me how racist, classist, ignorant, Fox-watching conservatives watch professional sports performed by the very people they hate. And then, they claim a city filled with the people they hate who suffer from the policies they support. But, then I remember they’ve been brainwashed in their “white bubble” of single-minded family and friends.

    If you hate people who are progressive, do not claim Philly. The majority of the people who live here are progressive and liberal at heart. The minority who are conservative, support policies based on hate and whatever policies line their pockets with wealth at the cost of others. And, there are most conservatives who vote against their own self interest because they fall for topics including race-baiting, immigration, abortion, gay marriage, religion, etc.

    So, if you hate people of color and progressives, you CANNOT be an Eagles fan. It is literally a Catch-22. Unless, you have a slave master’s mentality. Which, I accept is often the case.

    1. “The minority who are conservative, support policies based on hate and whatever policies line their pockets with wealth at the cost of others.”

      See, this is where you go from merely parroting talking points to running completely off the rails. Be sure to wonder later on why people can’t have that “conversation” you’re usually claiming to crave.

      “Hate people of color”? You should step outside of your cave every once in a while.

  13. Umm so all people right of center are racist, “classist” (not even a word), and ignorant? And they all watch Fox News? You’re writing off a large portion of the country and generalizing them.

    Here’s an idea: maybe some of us “conservatives” watch professional sports because we DON’T hate the players for any reason (other than being a Cowboy or Penguin)?

    The only real “hate” I see here are from people who hate those with whom they disagree. The others are likely CB trolls who are trying to get a rise out of people. And judging by your reaction, it’s worked.

    Do you find that your “hate” of “conservatives” is justified? Serious question. FYI, racial stereotyping isn’t the only kind of stereotyping that exists.

    See, it’s possible to critique people you with whom you disagree without resorting to generalizations and name-calling. And I thought you were supposed to be the “tolerant” one.

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