The Eagles Will Play in London on October 28

Date and time for the Eagles game in London was just announced. I think the graphic says it all. But this Tweet serves as a terrific reminder of who’s playing:



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  1. I wonder if The Mighty EROCK will be going to this one? Gotta post a lot of you tube videos to fund that plane ticket.

  2. Stay away from the radio tomorrow if there’s actually people who listen anymore. The worst day of radio is tomorrow when these inept hosts mail it in with the Ws and Ls 5 months before the season starts. Also pretty funny that Cataldi doubled Garganos ratings. Guess the meat locker isn’t catching on.

    1. Funny part is how much they pay Cuz. Could have put Jon & Sean show on in the morning for a fraction of the cost and same ratings.

      1. Anyone wonder why 97.5 does Friday mornings from a casino in AC? Like how well are you going to show off a presence broadcasting from a casino at 7 am?

  3. Anyone think Kyle is going? Surely the Eagles Super Bowl win put some extra T shirt cash in his pockets…….

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