The Sixers are Rolling Out their Playoff Campaign this Morning

Photo Credit: Philadelphia 76ers

Fresh off a 15th straight win, the Sixers’ front office will officially unveil the “Phila Unite” playoff campaign today.

You’ve probably seen the teasers with the snazzy new branding, imagery that uses the Ben Franklin “join or die” snake intertwined with the Sixers’ Liberty Bell logo, a new design painted on a couple of city murals and plastered on walls in sticker form.

That’s the postseason theme, and you’ll see a few changes to the court beginning this weekend:

The new logo will be used at center court while “Phila Unite” appears in cursive in front of the Sixer bench.

Players will also wear special uniforms featuring the snake sewn into a flap on the shorts, and the word “Unite” on the lower right corner where you would find “Brotherly Love” on the white and blue, regular season getup:


Just small, subtle changes there.

You’ll also see these banners inside the Wells Fargo Center:

I like the ideas. They’re sharp, simple, and consistent with the brand.

As for those murals I mentioned, there’s one in West Poplar, one in Brewerytown, and two in Fishtown, so I might grab a coffee, put on some skinny jeans and flannel, and go check those out in person.

Also, if you’re going to game one, all fans in attendance will receive a playoff T-shirt. For the second home game, you’ll get a 12-inch by 13-inch “Phila Unite” rally flag.


Here’s the new playoff hype video –



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    1. I think Kapler is still having nightmares from fans, talk radio and the media from the first time he yanked Nola. Good decision to throw his analytic mind out the window and use some common sense. Maybe the fans showed him some batteries to let him know the consequences if he would have walked out on that mound to yank him…lol Idk but maybe he has no appetite to anger this fan base anymore. If he uses more common sense of fast talk maybe I can get on board. I was excited about the bats on the Phils team since late August.. I guess we all will see what happens with this pitching..good win

  1. What a crime. The home of the saltiest sports blogger on planet earth.

  2. Covington’s banner should be him with his hands out in disbelief as he commits another stupid foul or thinks he should get a call. Or maybe him sprinting to the guy he should be covering. Waiting to see what bonehead play he makes in a critical juncture of a playoff game.

    1. Don’t forget he also needs to be staring up to the scoreboard for a reply that never comes.

  3. Am i missing why the snake is cut like that…it’s not drawn correctly for the snake to be going into the bell

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