The Worst of Philadelphia: Final Four

We had the upset of a lifetime.

The number one overall seed, the emotionless and inhumane Philadelphia Parking Authority, was knocked off by…


Really? Is Comcast really worse than the PPA? One drains your bank account without consent while the other drains your bank account with consent, but I guess there aren’t many city drivers or Verizon customers voting in my polls.

It leaves us with a somewhat open Final Four that still features a monolithic number one seed coming out the other side of the bracket: the Schuylkill Expressway, which is everyone’s favorite pastime.

Even though there’s nothing “Express” about it, it’ll be the Expressway vs. sports radio callers in a 1/3 matchup for the ages.

On the other side, it’ll be the upstart Comcast against the other remaining #1 seed, the city wage tax. Seems to me like people value their money, time, and sanity when I evaluate the four contenders remaining in the bracket.

Here’s how the voting went:

The Expressway continues to perform at a high level, winning by significant margins. The Schuylkill is the Villanova of this bracket – a truly elite, blue blood program that will continue to thrive for years to come.

No concerns here. A pretty straightforward win for Bernie from Broomall and Levi and Ingy and all of those guys.

The wage tax rolled Philly Mag. Unfortunately, the race-baiters will have to settle for an Elite 8 appearance and a commendable regular season, filled with terrible articles.

And the PPA/Comcast duel was heated until the very end, sitting at 50/50 for a few hours on Friday morning,

Next time, I’ll get these up earlier in the week so we can get more votes, because this is a very important competition that should be taken seriously.

One more look at the Final Four:


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  1. This is great, had no idea this existed. I still can’t believe I spent over2 hours trying to park at the NFC CG because they wouldn’t let me make a left at XFinity to get to H lot so the parking authority is always my dark horse to win it all.

  2. I’m pretty bummed that race baiting lost. Nothing like a good ol’ partisan war in the CB comments.

  3. Comcast fired. Me after 25 years for going out on sick leave for anxiety. Said they sent me paper work .nothing certified .then they sent my final paycheck to me .I never received that either .funny both sent to the wrong address .lost my job because they sent info to wrong address 25 years of dedication. All for what ,comcast has no heart. .they ruined my life

  4. Even though there’s nothing “Express” about it, it’ll be the Expressway vs. sports radio callers in a 1/3 matchup for the ages.

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