This Marc Zumoff Call Sheet is Fantastic

Shout out to Sixers Reddit user “ank1613,” who compiled a “master key” of Marc Zumoff play-by-play calls.

I quadruple checked the list and almost everything is in there. A few more suggestions popped up in the comments section below this chart:


Tonight may be your last opportunity to hear these calls for a long time, since the local broadcasts disappear if the Sixers make it to the Eastern Conference semifinals. Then you’ll be forced to listen to the national broadcast or put the TV on mute instead.





12 Responses

  1. Put the tv on mute and then listen to Philly’s #1 play by play man on the radio( on 97.5 the fanatic), aka Tom McGinnis, call a great Sixer’s game.

    1. Agreed. The only problem with the sixers broadcasts is that there are two great announcers to listen to.

  2. Most of them have worn out their welcome years ago,

  3. You missed “makes a left at the light”… when an offensive player (usually with the ball) makes an abrupt move toward the net. I heard him use the other day for TJ McConnell.

  4. Missed one of my favorites…….”with double vision” – when a player is double-teammed

  5. “buckle your seat belts. We’re coming in for a landing” – when at the end of the game and it is tied or close and sixers have the ball

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