Transcribe this Sign

Photo Credit: Dave Zeitlin

Sometimes less is more, especially if you’re holding up a sign in a crowd of thousands of people at a parade.

My favorite display from today’s celebration was this one, which is simply stated:

Let’s go word by word:

“Congratulation (sic) to Penn State men’s Basketball team for winning the 2017-18 NIT championship.

Let’s hear it for VILLANOVA MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM of Novaville, Pa “or” Novaville, Penn for winning the 2nd Final Four, Final Two – The big one national championship of 2017-18 in 3 years. Congratulation (sic) to Villanova’s champions.

Once again,

congratulation (sic) to our Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia EAGLES, we are now (can’t see word) on the Flyers, the 76ers, and the Phillies to bring the championship home.

Hell no, oops, I mean Heaven’s no, none of us are coming to the White “hell” House to meet with you, Donald Trump, and (can’t see word), we would rather go to the Partland (sic) school and support the children & teachers.

written by Townwatch Tony


Can’t argue with any of that.

Shout out Penn State, shout out Nova, shout out Eagles.

Shout out Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Soul, Freedoms, Saint Joe’s, La Salle, Temple, Drexel, Penn, Union, Kixx, Wings, Fusion, Independence, and the Philadelphia Tapers of the 1962 ABL season.

This really is a 19 for 19 city, and that’s why we love it.

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