Bryan Colangelo Is Already Doing Damage Control

Whether it’s him or not, this is a serious PR blow that will be tough to come back from in the absence of overwhelming proof that Colangelo wasn’t behind these accounts. The first order of business is to begin repairing relationships with, oh, say, Joel Embiid, Brett Brown, Markelle Fultz, owners, Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel and others who caught the ire of Eric Jr. Colangelo has started doing just that:

I still think he had to have some involvement with these accounts, but I wouldn’t discount the theory that it was a family member on his behalf. That’s a much easier sword to fall on and way to skirt the worst consequences, those being losing your job and being ostracized from the NBA. In fact, if I were Colangelo’s PR guy, that’s exactly what I would have him do– attribute them to his wife under the guise of looking out for her man. You gotta do this, babe. Otherwise the checks stop coming. He takes a little embarrassment, loses the benefit of the doubt, but probably keeps his job and standing in the league. Again, if it was him. If it wasn’t… well, then find a really good lawyer.

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  • Candy From The Oak May 30, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Blame it on his wife??? That’s a great idea Kyle.

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