Ex-Kaepernick Teammate Files His Own Collusion Grievance Against the NFL

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the guy who split from Malcolm Jenkins and the players coalition due to a difference of opinion?

That’s 26-year-old free agent safety Eric Reid, who remains unsigned as of May 2nd.

Reid is now going the route of his former San Francisco teammate, Colin Kaepernick, and filing a a collusion grievance against the NFL.

ESPN reports that Reid is working with the same attorney who is representing Kaepernick in his case, which was filed last year.

Reid’s grievance is a system arbitrator case that will be adjudicated under the terms of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. The claims in Reid’s grievance are similar to those of Kaepernick’s, the source told ESPN.

Reid, if you recall, was one of the first 49ers to join Kaepernick two years ago in kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest against social injustice and police brutality. He’s taken to Twitter to explain that he feels like teams are avoiding him because of his role in the demonstrations:

Some executives apparently have said that the safety market is slow this offseason, which seems to be true. I can’t help but wonder if Reid should have waited for Kenny Vaccaro and Tre Boston to sign before going down this road. It looks like Tyrann Mathieu is the only safety to sign for more than $5.5 million per year so far. Kurt Coleman got $16 million over three years from New Orleans.

Reid has gotten one official visit with the Bengals so far in free agency. Filing the grievance obviously doesn’t help his case, so it’ll be interesting to follow the story.

Ironically, Reid’s brother Justin was taken in the third round of last week’s draft by the Houston Texans. Team owner Bob McNair was the guy who made the remark about “inmates running the prison.” He apologized, then later said he regretted apologizing.

We’ll leave it at that.

I believe that half of the comments section will now incorrectly identify me as a liberal while the other half incorrectly identifies me as a conservative.




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    1. That shit happens to me all the time. Can’t be hatin though. Us little dicked guys gata stay together.
      Couple years back my fiancé got doubled up on by some heavy hittin bruthas in old city. Sucked for me.

      1. But I gata say, walkin in on those boys goin to work on my girl gave me something I can beat off too forever. One.

  2. He should probably find a team sooner or later, but this dude was a complete flop for San Fran. If he could play, a team would sign him. The truth is that he’s slow in coverage and for a guy who had a rep as a hard hitter at LSU he can’t tackle for shit. He and his agent are probably asking for a lot more than he’s worth.

  3. Kinker, what are you expectations for the upcoming FOMC? Dovish tone? Signal more QE?

    1. FOMC gonna raise rates to the Moon after keeping them at 0 for the Affirmative Action President Odumbo.
      Trump gonna take the blame as the Fed wrecks the economy.

  4. Y’all females out there think you can throw shade on me???? Naaaa. I’m just tryin to stay positive and give back to my community.

  5. F this guy. Who cares about him. He’s got too high of an opinion of himself. At least Malcom Jenkins understood the deal and made something happen. When this dud split from Malcom, it became obvious to me that he’s just an unhappy, always complaining, race baiting, crybaby. F him. He shoulda quit while he was ahead. He had too many brown noser libs whispering in his ear about how “honorable” he was. How’s it feel now shit bag? Respect the flag ass face.

    1. Eric Reid’s minuscule black fist… makes mine look large. The liberal white guilt of posting this is bigly

  6. Wow you and Colon sure got what was coming to you. But I love how these Libtards “Take their stand” then cry like bitches when the real world pushes back.

    Libtards lol

    And No I didn’t vote for Trump, idiots. It’s just an observation on the bass ackwatds way of thinking that’s troubling our world.

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