Lost in All of This, Ben Simmons Is Dating Kendall Jenner

Not a great day to be a Sixers fan.

This news is sub-ideal yet somehow expected. From the New York Post:

Kendall Jenner is dating Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons, multiple sources tell Page Six exclusively.

An insider familiar with the duo said the romance has been going on “for a few weeks.”

Another source told us the pair was spotted this week on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And a third source said that Jenner, 22, and Simmons, 21, were seen last week in Manhattan with a group of friends at the clubby Bowery restaurant Vandal.


That said, the mega-star romance is not entirely unexpected. I wrote this in 2016:

Simmons most likely won’t be. He will be guarded, at times inaccessible. Each statement will be carefully scripted. We’ll see him at awards shows in locales with warmer climates, prettier women, and decidedly different values. He’ll probably date Rihanna, or Selena Gomez. Maybe both. He’ll get profiled by a business publication curious as to how young superstars invest their money. He’ll play for Team Australia (but not this year), work for Foot Locker, and run for Team Nike. Talking heads and sports talk radio-calling knuckleheads will hate that. He’s not one of us. This guy doesn’t want to be here. He takes nights off. They’ll come fast and furious, all while ignoring the fact that Simmons could potentially be first-team All-NBA one day.

We give everyone a chance in the beginning, but all it will take is one goofy incident – Simmons mails in a late-game set, reportedly has a problem with X teammate, and then is spotted dining in NY with Lorne Michaels just hours after a heart-wrenching OT loss at the Wells Fargo Center – for us to turn on him.

I just never thought that the GM hiding behind a bunch of fake Twitter accounts could be one of them. Strange times.

Let’s see if this even lasts until the season.

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11 Responses

  1. Another reminder that Simmons thinks he is too big for Philly and will join LeBron in LA the first chance he gets.

  2. I wonder what’s worse…

    The Track Record of the 2016 Sixers..


    The Track Record of every basketball player who ever dated one of Kardashian clan.

  3. One of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood is that allegedly Kendall Jenner is a lesbian and this is just a beard situation.

  4. Soon, the downfall of the sixers. This tramp will infect everyone she comes into contact with. The STDs she carries will scare the hell out of medicine. I blame that bitch Hinkie, he caused the losing that enabled them to draft Simmons and bring this pestilence into the locker room. Don’t shake her hand, JJ!

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