Meek Mill is Going to Boston

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Reported by ESPN via Sal Pal, citing a team source.

Apparently Michael Rubin is bringing Meek up to Baaaahhhston, probably not in a helicopter though.

From the story:

Mill has become friends with several Sixers stars and met with players and team personnel before and after the 76ers’ Game 5 win over Miami. Rubin will hope his presence helps inspire the 76ers as they look to avoid a 2-0 series deficit in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Looks like he’s gonna sit next to Rubin and his other biggest ally:

Robert Kraft seems confused as a supporter of both Donald Trump and Meek Mill, but who am I to judge? I am apolitical, just another person patiently waiting for this series to friggin’ resume.


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  1. Oh great, the apolitical Slow Glow man has come forward to offer his 2 cents about his white privilege.

    So glad you don’t need to care about families getting ripped apart by overzealous ICE officers or billionaires getting tax breaks while working people getting peanuts, KEVIN.

      1. I don’t even get that reference.

        What I do get is actual human beings that are seeing their lives RUINED by this administration and eons of comfortable privileged white people such as yourself that feel no need to care one way or the other because their lives will be unaffected one way or the other.

        If I could live in your box, Soul Glow, I would. Must be nice.

        1. so you’re gonna change hearts and minds by spamming the Crossing Broad comments section? good strategy

  2. Per legendary hoops guru Kyle this means this Sixers will win by 76 points tonight.


  3. awww Nappyhead deleted my comment. Didn’t fit your liberal agenda that I simply pointed out the irony of a black man being paraded around for 2 billionaire white men. the plantation is very real #YessahMassah

  4. Kevin,

    Can you do away with the lazy/throwaway jabs at the president? We have to hear it from just about every other media outlet. Thanks.

    1. what jab at the president? Kraft is a supporter of both Trump and Meek. that’s not a jab, you moron

      1. Are you kidding me? I made a legitimate, reasonable request and you call me a moron? Real professional. I’ve been reading this site for 10ish years and I’m done after this discussion.

        The irony is you’re the moron here. So why is Kraft confused? Is supporting Trump and Meek somehow mutually exclusive? Did Trump ever say he doesn’t support Meek? No. You’re assuming he doesn’t and you’re implying Trump is some sort of racist/hates justice. Which is a jab. I can’t believe I had to explain that to you.

        1. Remember, no one every accused President Trump of being racist until he ran for President. Liberals aren’t fans of facts though.

          1. Trump was sued for racial discrimination in his real estate policies throughout the 70s for his racist policies.

            Trump was also called racist for his racist actions regarding the Central Park Five in the 80s and 90s.

            Stop getting your news from Facebook memes.

    1. No it don’t

  5. Soul Glow,
    if the sixers tank in 4 as expected…..
    does that mean your quit spouting off insignificant bull shit hero worhip
    crap about Meak Meal?
    Of will you keep short stroking him no matter what?


      1. sorry i forgot.. its your job to talk about non sports shit like this.

  6. Cuz’s boy Meek is a good luck charm . Take that sixers -4.5 tonight

  7. This post has been a disaster for Kinker. Worse than a Jim Curtain 4-4-2.

    1. I really don’t know why Kyle and Napster keep stroking on Meek Meals.
      I guess its hero worship.
      I guess CBWanker and Yastremski will fall in line and start writing useless Meak Meals
      articles soon.
      I think Kyle’s just hoping Mick Meals will just be on his ‘podcast’ to bring in an extra
      300000 listerners to bring the total up to 300007

  8. Dear Sirs:

    I have to be honest and let you know that the liberal agenda or at the very least, the liberal leaning narrative that CB is constantly pushing out there is getting old. I have enough liberal crap jammed down my throat each day with the MSM, ESPN, CNC, Twitter, Facebook, even game broadcasts for fucks sake. I don’t come to CB for politics, I come to get away from politics. I don’t ever expect anything remotely pro-conservative from this site or dare I say pro-trump from this site, but I am tired of getting liberal slants. Just don’t mention politics. If you say you are apolitical you are a liberal. You can’t have it both ways. It’s obvious and trying to disguise it is laughable. Don’t take jabs at Trump. It is tired and lazy. Please don’t blog about these ridiculous SJW “issues”. That ‘opinion piece’ (or whatever you want to call it) this morning about the Redskins logo and their cheerleaders was an embarrassment to this site.
    I have been a longtime supporter and loyal reader of this site. Ever since the Cliff Lee days back around 2009 or so. I’ve told family about this site, I’ve told coworkers and employees about this site, I’ve purchased probably about $800 worth of merchandise over the years (no, not all for me, many were gifts I purchased for others), I use the CB referral link every time I shop on Amazon (which is a lot) because I know it supports CB. I mention all of this because I want you to know that you are alienating a large amount of readers with this liberal biased nonsense. You will lose me if this continues. I promise you that.
    C’mon guys, please, let’s get it back to what made Crossing Broad a favorite destination; irreverent Philly sports takes.

    Concerned Reader & Loyal Supporter since 09

    1. You have bought $800 of stuff from this site?



      1. lol this geek is back posting in anger after his african tree hockey team was out classed again… Mr Hello I”m 5’10” 175lbs hahahahaha

      2. also, who uses or still has Facebook? bahahahaha what a clown this self hating whitey is. PS, I’m the center of your universe. You can’t help but to respond to everything I say.

      1. Phil, the pussy who is butt hurt about the Redskins logo is a Republican??
        Yeah, and I’m healthy & slender.

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