Phil Sheridan Could Use Our Help

via GoFundMe

Former Philadelphia Inquirer writer Phil Sheridan is going through some incredibly difficult times.

This popped up on my timeline yesterday from Daily News layout editor Mark Perner:

Here’s the description on the GoFundMe page, written by his daughter Jennifer:

“Hello! Thanks for clicking –  unfortunately, my dad and family came home to a fire Wednesday evening resulting in a lot of loss and damage to the home. Fortunately, no one was injured, except for the sweet pup Cocoa who didn’t make it. Everyone who knows him knows Phil as the friendly, funny, genuine and extremely humble guy that he is – some of you might know him as a reputable writer… I know him as the best dad there is – knows it is not ideal for him to be asking for help in a situation like this – so I am! As some of you know, life has thrown him a couple health scares over the last few years that have meant him being forced to take time away from work for more than a year for treatment and healing. Despite bravely overcoming those things, he and his family are now faced with another unexpected scenario. Any donation and/or share that you can offer to get the house restored would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!”

As of publication, donors have contributed $20,598, shattering the $2,000 goal. If you want to help out Phil and his family, click on the link below:

Sheridan Family Fire Relief

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3 Responses

  1. His Inquire article after the Phillies won the WS is still the best piece of sports journalism I’ve ever read.

  2. ESPN had to lay off Phil and other great writers to help free up $1.5 billion for the UFC. So much for their financial hardships.

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