RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Suspended, Some Other Guy Fired

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Let’s check in on the Houston sports radio scene.

Hmm… well this is interesting, looks like Josh Innes got into some beef with another host at his own radio station. Josh was suspended and the other guy was fired.

The “other guy” is Adam Clanton, an afternoon host at Sports Talk 790. Apparently Josh chided Clanton on the air after Clanton retweeted an old and bad Innes take that resurfaced over the weekend.

Houston Media Watch explains the deal:

“On the surface, it comes off as a big snooze unless you know the backstory.  A year ago, Josh Innes and Adam Clanton got into a situation.

Adam alerted the Powers that Be, that Josh Innes was wearing a OKC Thunder Shirt. From that situation, Adam sort of had a gag order imposed on him from referencing Josh.

Fast Forward a year later, over the weekend someone found a take by Josh on JJ Watt being a bad pick from 7 years ago, Adam retweeted it.  Josh caught wind of it, and addressed it on air by mocking Adam in a Jerome (sic) Rome Style cadence.”

Here’s the take that Clanton retweeted:

Can’t read the entire Josh tweet because it looks like it was made under a previous handle, but you see Innes apparently referring to Watt as a “corn fed boy.”

Anyway, Josh spent about nine minutes criticizing Clanton on Monday’s show. Here’s some of the audio, where he makes fun of his co-worker in a Jim Rome voice:

Clanton got into some beef with Sarah Spain a while back, so that’s what Josh is talking about when he mentions “fighting with ESPN people.”

The competition over at Houston’s ESPN 97.5, Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman, brought up the Innes/Clanton thing on their show:

Alright then.

So does all of that make sense?

Just to recap:

  1. Some co-worker dug up an old Josh tweet
  2. Josh was annoyed by that
  3. Josh ripped the co-worker on the air
  4. The co-worker was fired and Josh was suspended

Carry on.


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20 Responses

    1. Well, Innes has the whole Howard Stern controversy thing down pat. Just can’t find the Stern ratings.

  1. Innes has so much potential. but he has such a confidence issue , he just lets it take over him. Real shame. Maybe he would be better off on XM?

    1. Josh Innes has so much potential at what? Finishing some kind of monster cheeseburger dish at a local restaurant and getting his picture on a wall? Surely, you don’t mean as a radio host, do you? He has absolutely no substance and is not entertaining whatsoever unless he’s taking shots at another radio personality like he did here with Mike Miss. He’s mildly entertaining during these “feuds,” but you can’t build an entire show off of that. Eventually, you have to be good and entertaining actually talking about sports topics and least some of the time. He can’t do that.

  2. Do you think Ava G tosses her boyfriend’s salad?

  3. It’s a shame because H@uston is a great sports city right now. All three teams are in excellent shape and could very well have a second championship in June.

  4. Would absolutely rather have Josh back over hair plug boy in the afternoon. I think he’d have enjoyed the SB win.

    Would love Josh on TV with Amy Fadool on PST even more over that useless, unfunny crumb Fatzetta. It would be great. Josh would be fired for harassment within a week, but Oh what a week it would be!

    1. So replac e a fat guy with a fatter one. Vegas has Fadool flashing those big ol cans before the end of May.

    2. Fatzetta should have stayed on morning show catching Angelo’s farts.

  5. I miss the josh and Tony show.
    Josh would definitely be better on Sirius .

  6. Kevin- any chance the Philly sports fans get lucky and you take us to Houston to replace one of these guys? They get even luckier and you carry Kyle (the little, pasty, 140-pounder with keyboard muscles) under your arm?? The style you’ve given me already fits Houston perfectly (it resembles Josh Innes’ lid in a big way) and the humidity won’t impact me whatsoever (I’m already kinky!!). Plus that city is also a better fit for your writing ability and overall talent. Just curious.

  7. The issue I had with Josh when he was in Philly was that he didn’t know much about sports and his antics were from Howard Stern circa 1989. The guy is a joke. After Houston, I think he will matriculate to Tulsa. Then Grand Rapids. Finally, a college station in Utah no one has ever heard about.

  8. Josh Innes lives to be suspended or fired. It keeps his name out there and makes him think he is relevant. He always winds up somewhere else where he will once again screw up and so on and so on.

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