Sports Betting Just Got Legalized in New Jersey

Big news.

We wrote all about this case in December and what the implications of this ruling in favor of legalized sports gambling could mean. The short version: New Jersey had moved to overturn a 1992 law that effectively banned sports betting (directing states not to permit it without making sports gambling itself illegal) everywhere but Nevada, which had been grandfathered in. New Jersey challenged that this was federal overreach, that instructing states not to do something was the same as instructing them to do something else. The NCAA and other major sports leagues technically opposed New Jersey’s move (though the NBA has since come out in favor of legalized betting and most other leagues are also probably in favor of it) on the grounds that the law didn’t instruct states to do anything, with their stance rooted in the sanctity of sports, match fixing, social ills and other relatively abstract reasons that aren’t fully grounded in reality.

The court ruling in favor of New Jersey will pave the way for other states to legalize sports gambling, bringing it from the shadows and making it more akin to fantasy sports in the public conscience.

Andrew Brandt with a blunt assertion:

We took a seriously deep dive into this in December, so I’d recommend you read that right here. But for now, AC, anyone?

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  1. Looking forward to this story being pointlessly regurgitated in the Tuesday Morning Roundup!

    1. This is really funny. You should say things like this more often, maybe even in public. I especially like how you use the “PH” to mask a curse just like the beginning of Philadelphia. It’s really clever. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

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