The Sixers are Picking 10th in the Draft

What an exhilarating broadcast, all 60 minutes of it.

I especially loved the part where they put Elton Brand and Rich Gotham at the same desk. That wasn’t awkward at all.

Anyway, the Sixers are picking tenth. The 1.1% chance of getting the #1 overall pick did not materialize. The Celtics now get the better of the Kings/Sixers first round pick in 2019, top-one protected.

Here’s the updated list of selections the Sixers will have next month:

  • 10 (via Lakers, 2014 MCW trade)
  • 26 (natural pick)
  • 38 (via Brooklyn, trade involving Brandon Davies, Andrei Kirilenko, Jorge Gutierrez)
  • 39 (via New York, Arnett Moultrie/Travis outlaw trade)
  • 56 (natural pick)
  • 60 (via Houston, Shawn long trade)

And here’s how the rest of the top 14 shook out:

The Phoenix Suns will pick #1 for the first time in franchise history. Good for them.

Take it away, gentlemen:


4 Responses

  1. BC better draft Bridges from nova. Cuz said Mikal 3-and-D wing from day one.

    1. Believe me when i say every draft expert who mentions Mikal’s length isn’t just talking about his wingspan. He gives new meaning to the term “Alabama Blacksnake”

  2. If we draft Bridges, I’m taking a bridge right out of philly, bc that guy stinks!

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