The Yankees and Red Sox Will Play in London

Photo Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe we can leave both teams over there?

From the Associated Press:

Major League Baseball intends to announce next week the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will play two games at London’s Olympic Stadium on June 29-30 next year, a person familiar with the planning told The Associated Press.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday because no public comments had been authorized.

Boston will be the home team for both of MLB’s first regular-season games in Europe.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan scheduled a news conference for Tuesday with baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred but did not announce the subject matter.

The games will take place in the Olympic Stadium, where West Ham United currently plays. Apparently it’s better suited for baseball because the track around the soccer field provides extra room for ballpark conversion.

This will be the first time Major League Baseball has held a regular season game in Europe. The only prior games played outside of the U.S. or Canada were in Japan, Mexico, and Australia.

The NFL plays regularly in London and your Philadelphia 76ers went over there just a few months ago. The NHL opened the 2007 regular season with a pair of games between the Kings and Ducks at the O2 Arena:

So next year we’ll complete the sweep of the “four major North American sports” holding regular season games in London.

The question now, is what do we get in return?

It’s only reasonable that we get a Premier League game on the east coast, and not some crap teams. I want Liverpool vs. Everton at Lincoln Financial Field, but we’ll probably get stuck with Swansea vs. Watford in New York or something.


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  1. Swansea vs. Watford LOL!!! What a comical observation. You soccer guys sure know how to pretend people in the US care.

      1. You’re Kyle’s third favorite “pitcher”. Man I’m having a bad day with this heat. Anyone have a wavecap?

      2. Come on Napster………..,

        Are you kidding me?
        Soccer is the most boring FN ball sport there is.

        But it is good that our children are getting their CTE slams done before
        they graduate middle school. That when when the go soft in the mush mommy and daddy will still be around
        to take care of them.

        1. 5 responses under 5 different names? jesus christ you’re a loser

  2. Napster,

    Free advice – no philly fan gives a flying fucks about any non philly teams playing in merry old england.
    what is the purpose of this article other than to draw negative comments?

  3. Do you want 4 more years of Trump?
    Then vote for Clinton again next time.
    Or do something stupid and Put Oprah up for the DNC nomination.

    1. If the Democrats nominated Oprah for 2020, she would win in a landslide. White people would be falling all over themselves to vote for a black woman.

      1. sorry pal. People are tired of overexposed Oprah like they are of overexposed Clinton.
        But there is that part about Trump being a total Buffoon of a president.
        i’m not making any wagers…………

  4. Neat, but really it’s got nothing to do with Philly teams. Seems like something more for the roundup than it’s own post.

  5. You must get paid by the post or something because no one cares about this. Seriously, Sixers play a huge game in 3 hours and we talking about this slop?

    1. I have no idea how CrossingBored chooses what SPORTS articles to post and what there
      priorities are but apparently non-consequential bullshit like this rates over the sixers game.
      Some one is dropping the ball at CB.
      Is it Soul Glow?
      Is the fake shirt hawker on vacation and told people to pick articles from US magazine
      just to fill space.
      I mean this article must have generated at least 2 million more clicks according to GoogleAds.
      some really fucked up shit is going on here.

    2. If he’s being paid at all it’s a crime. The fact that the “founder” of this steaming pile of dung is allowed to “resell” the work of others on a regular basis is even more of a crime. I wish he’d pay my owner in AquaNet…. I can’t get enough of the stuff.

    1. Kev does take this whole thing waaay too seriously. I sort of feel bad for him. Nah, not really

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