Robinson Cano was suspended 80 games by Major League Baseball this week after testing positive for a banned substance called “furosemide.”

It’s not a performance-enhancing drug, but a water-pill, a diuretic that helps to dilute and mask urine samples.

Per ESPN: 

Under MLB’s drug policy, a player is not automatically suspended for use of a diuretic unless MLB can prove he intended to use it as a masking agent.

A source familiar with the case told ESPN’s T.J. Quinn that Cano tested positive before the season and appealed. During the appeal, MLB apparently was able to determine his intent, which resulted in Cano dropping his appeal, the source said.

Cano said he was given furosemide by a licensed doctor in his native Dominican Republic and the substance is used to treat “various medical conditions” there and in the United States.

“While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned, I obviously now wish that I had been more careful,” Cano said.

I’m not sure if any Phillies fans care about the Mariners, but Cano is an ex-Yankee and played on the 2009 World Series squad. He had three hits and an RBI in 22 at-bats. He was pretty bad in the series but drove in 85 runs during the regular season and was a major cog on that team.

Someone shared this tweet on the CB Slack chat:

Again, Cano isn’t a “PED user,” but did test positive for banned substance.

Alex Rodriguez was caught up in multiple drug issues throughout his career. Andy Pettite admitted to using human growth hormone before it was added to the banned substance list. Melky Cabrera was suspended 50 games in 2012 after testing positive for high levels of testosterone, and another guy not on that list, Francisco Cervelli, got 50 games in 2013 when he was caught up in the Biogenesis scandal. He didn’t play in the World Series but got 42 regular season games as a backup catcher.

All of that considered, I think the only logical conclusion to be drawn is that the Yankees are vile cheaters. A-Rod’s two out, ninth inning, RBI double never gave New York a game four lead. The Phillies are now back-to-back champs:

Of course, J.C. Romero was suspended after that GNC supplement nonsense in 2009, so do we give the 2008 World Series to the Rays? Ryan Howard was accused of drug use, cleared, and later sued Al Jazeera. Alec Asher got 80 games for PEDs and Freddy Galvis had to sit for 50. Chooooooooch got 25 for adderall, so the Phils have dealt with this crap, too.

We’ll probably never know who was taking what, and when. Seems like more of a “baseball problem” than a Yankee problem, but I’d like to think the Yanks were juicing back in 2009, which is the only logical explanation for their World Series win.