Bill Simmons Crosses the Line

via Instagram

Bill Simmons has some nerve.

I don’t know where this pic came from. Looks like some chick’s Instagram. But I clearly see the Philadelphia “Love” sign being twisted into some repulsive abomination of Boston sports logos:


I need to find out who made this shirt.

I have a message for this person:


Okay, well, we won’t kill the person. That’s a little extreme. But we’ll have some harsh words for him/her.

Time’s yours.



13 Responses

  1. I came here to say what C said – Since when is the LOVE statue a Philadelphia thing? We stole it. At no point should we call it a Philadelphia thing, and I didn’t think ANYONE did. Apparently, I was wrong.

  2. There are several hundred versions of that statue in many different languages. The original is in Indiana. Distinctly not Philadelphian. Sorry Kevin, you lose.

  3. I came here to write what others already have written, yet still feel compelled to leave another comment that states how incorrecto kinkeado izzo

  4. The woman in the picture is the “host” of NBA2K TV in the 2K series and a former basketball player. I guess Simmons is a commentator for 2K19 or something. Hooray.

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