Bryan Colangelo Lays Waste To His Wife In Statement

Good God. I think there’s a way to acknowledge it was his wife without piling on here. Seriously misguided and inaccuracies and conjecture not only fails to acknowledge that there is something endearing about a husband or wife wanting to defend her spouse, but also completely negates the merit of her opinions. What an asshole.

Not to mention that it would seem he’s lying here, too, denying ever giving her any private info, which seems implausible. Go away, snake.


9 Responses

  1. So he divulged all of the sensitive non public information in his sleep? FUCK OFF FUCK THE FUCKING PROCESS

  2. talk about throwing a woman under the bus. That said, he should’ve known she wasnt trustworthy since she still uses her maiden name.

  3. Coolangelo’s official statement obviously makes clear that he is more concerned with protecting whatever NBA career/legacy he has left than he is about protecting his wife and marriage. Is it possible to be more appalled by his statement here than by anything his wife said or did? And by God, what she did was awful! But what kind of man does this to his wife? Guess they seem like the perfect couple.

  4. Now Daddy is threatening the SUXERS “make it difficult to do business in the league”..FUCK HIM FUCK THE COLLAR FUCK HIS WH0-RE WIFE FUCK THE FUCKING PROCESS

  5. He lost his job and it’s her fault. I see nothing wrong with his statement.

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