Buying An Eagles Super Bowl Ring Is Completely Impractical But I Kind Of Want One Anyway

Some questions this morning after the Eagles received their Super Bowl rings last night. Did they completely crush the design? Yes. Do I kind of want one? Also yes.

The 127 glorious diamonds that represent the combined numbers of Corey Clement, Trey Burton, and Nick Foles–the three players who touched the ball on the Philly Special–are absolutely magnificent. The engraved underdog mask? It speaks to me. The detail. The gaudiness. The PIZZAZZ!

Some more questions.

Did I do anything in any way, shape, or form to earn this ring? No. Do I have $11,127 to spend on a ring that I did absolutely nothing in any way, shape, or form to earn? Absolutely not. If I had the money, would it make me an asshole if I bought one? Not any more of one than I already am.

If you are very much unlike me and have the ability to flush what essentially amounts to two months of my total gross income, while also sharing my total lack of hesitation about purchasing something so completely impractical, you can click this link to customize and buy one of a very limited number of Eagles Super Bowl rings.

I know someone who wants one:


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    1. The Burger King said he won’t flaunt it Total bullshit. What’s really aggravating is they gave him a players ring, not the less impressive office staff ring. That’s an insult. A sideline reporter isn’t entitled to what Merrill and Mike got.

  1. I’m a 29 year season ticket holder who along with suffering through sweltering summer full price preseason games (and 50 buck parking for those same dreadful games) and considering my total investment in road trips, gas, tickets, food, drink, merch, and general disappointment til this year I deserve one for every friggin’ family member – including my two doggies.

    1. If you’re a seasons ticket holder and have been going to preseason games year after year……..just because you paid for the tickets……..
      then you’re a moron. You should have know after 2-3 years that they were shit no nothing useless games
      and realized it wasn’t worth your TIME…even as a season ticket holder… goto those games.
      And since you paid $50 for parking 29 years ago, you can double down on that moron thing.

    2. Nobody makes you buy the tickets or go to the games. If you don’t like it, find something else more enjoyable to spend your money on.

      1. while that is true, season ticket holders are ‘required’ to pay for preseason game tickets.

        1. NFL season tix are the biggest sucker deal in pro sports. None of the other 3 sports makes you pay 25% of the total season cost for meaningless scrimmages.

  2. It also can’t have a players name but if your actual name is Smith they have to allow it. Good luck if your last name is Ertz. That will not fly.

  3. Its a lot better than the ‘chugging’ you’ve been doing the past 14 years.

  4. They gave Howard Eskin a ring but expect their “Game Day Staff” to pay $750 for a replica?! How can you ask employees to pay more than what is available to the public? Where is this “loyalty” they speak of?

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