Diego Maradona is Enjoying Himself at the World Cup

Not sure if Maradona was coked up for today’s Argentina game, or if he was on another drug, but he ran the gamut of emotions over the course of the 95 minute win.

It started actually 25 minutes before the game, some dancing just to get loosened up:

When Lionel Messi scores the game’s first goal:

When you need a snooze before halftime:

When someone tells you that Sheetz is better than Wawa:

Looks better in video:

That’s it for now.

Time’s yours.

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6 Responses

  1. I wonder if the Cuz will talk about this tomorrow. I guess we will all find out tomorrow at 6.

    1. Hopefully he’ll be talking about getting fired by the station for low ratings.

      Can’t wait until he’s off the air!

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