FOX News Ridiculously Portrays Praying Eagles Players as Kneeling For The Anthem

Ladies and gentlemen, FOX News– using praying Eagles players to make it appear as if they kneeled for the flag:

This is the problem with being conservative in America– your torch bearers are Donald Trump and the absurd, propaganda-ish FOX News. That’s not Republicanism, it’s outright distortion of facts over petty, feigned outrage. Don’t get me wrong, the left does it as well, but not like this.

The best part is two of those pictures feature Zach Ertz, a religious white dude whose blonde wife is literally draped in the flag as a member of the US womens national soccer team. Derp.

And you know you have a problem when Bill Kristol thinks your right-wing message is too much:

Meanwhile, I suspect that blonde on the left will read whatever is on the prompter.


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  1. While this indeed an inaccurate portrayal of “kneeling,” don’t act like the left isn’t as good if not better than propaganda. Their propaganda is used for violence. Remember the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot”?

    And quoting Bill Kristol shows you’re a RINO too, Kyle. I can’t believe I’m spelling this out for you, but the issue here is workplace protests, not freedom of speech, although potus admittedly shouldn’t have stuck his nose in this too.

    Oh, and the myth of cops targeting unarmed black men? You do know statistically these kinds of cases account for less than 10% of police shootings, right? It’s pretty remarkable when you look at how blacks make up a disproportionate amount of arrests, but hey, Facebook and Google tell me I’m a racist if I mention this.

    As for the Iggles, I remember when Tim Thomas was publicly shamed for not going to the WH when Obama was president, even though he expressed his thoughts in a carefully written public letter. If the Birds don’t want to go, so be it. I try to keep my sports and politics separate, despite the players’ and POTUS’s efforts, and will continue to do so. It’s amazing though that the players wouldn’t use this opportunity for some constructive dialog and have turned down invites to do so on separate occasions. Foot in mouth anyone?

    1. And if they didn’t do anything, you would bitch that they are just lazy. Their work place isn’t like any other work place. It’s a national stage where they can create change. Stop comparing the NFL to your work place! It isn’t anything like it. Does your salary get posted on every website for people to see? Does everyone in the world know when you get fired? No…these players are trying to make a difference. Did you really expect them to go to a party thrown by a guy that’s called them SOB’s over and over again? But white supremacists are some fine people?!? He still has yet to condemn any white supremacist or member of a Klan type group for supporting him. Because HE IS A RACIST! It’s that simple. And you are a MAGA supporter because you are also a racist, so afraid of the white man being kept down because others in this country want equal rights.

      1. Hear we go again with the racist card. You need to stop watching CNN ,MSNBC, they are programming you to hate. Kanye is correct when he said people are oppressed because they want to be. A famous black man was once asked, how can we get rid of racism? His response…Stop talking about it and it will go away.

  2. Next up, this asshat Kyle is going to be preaching to me about white privilege. Go eat a dick, I’m done with this site.

    1. And we’re supposed to be upset because you’re leaving? You won’t be missed, pencil dick

  3. The people who comment on this site are such cowards. Put your name to your comments if you feel that strongly about it! But you won’t, because the only thing you MAGA people believe in is full on racism and white power. You hate to see anyone getting equal rights because your fragile little stright white man egos can’t take even the slightest sense that you aren’t in power anymore. Hilarious!

    1. Who are you responding to? If it’s me, then cut the insults and respond with facts and sound arguments rather than feelings, generalizations, insults and hate. Otherwise you are showing yourself incapable of critical thought and are part of the reason this country is divided.

      You know what the Klan does? They generalize and base their hatred on it. I see the same behavior in your post. Hate doesn’t always have to do with race or gender or sexual preference as you’ve clearly demonstrated.

      And I keep my id private because of rabid, hateful people like yourself.

    2. Posting your name means nothing. You could have posted your buddies name with your burner acct …right ColAngelo???

      When do you graduate high school? 2024?
      I suggest you repeat “Spelling and Grammar” class.

  4. Hilarious that the MAGA scumbag losers can’t even admit their precious “network” is lying to everyones face. How f*cking stupid can you get?

  5. Fuck fox news, fuck all 24 hour news (including ESPN), they’re no better than tmz, they just spin stories in a way that agrees with them, and the idiots on those channels (fox, cnn, msnbc) just try to divide. don’t act like fox is the only one that tries to spread bullshit propaganda.

  6. “That’s not Republicanism”

    lol yeah it is you fucking Reagan loving nerd. Conservatism has always been this.

  7. Some common sense people. While you sit in fox holes lobeing cowardly insults, the corrupt lobby for all your tax dollars. It’s slight of hand, I admit. BUT WAKE UP. Were all probably the same class of people. Get up, go to work, grind hard and hope for a better tomorrow. That’s not a white or brown thing, that’s a human trait.

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