Get Your Photo Taken With Nick Foles

Photo Credit: Kevin Walsh

Nick Foles kicked off his book tour this week. He’ll appear tonight at some church in Souderton for a 1210 WPHT Speaker Series event alongside Dom Giordano.

He was good enough to take some photos with fans at an earlier appearance, this one with a guy named Kevin Walsh:

Apparently Foles heard other fans laughing about the shirt and was “quietly amused” when he found out what it said on the front. That’s via John Clark, who put a blurb on this Instagram post.

Foles’ book is titled “Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure, and Overcoming the Odds.” He is your reigning, defending, Super Bowl MVP.



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  1. I heard his name at Arizona was Nicky Folds because he had to fold it first before he put it away.

  2. I heard he took Eli Mannings name in vain.

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