MMA Fighter Rags “Filthadelphia Eagles” Over Canceled White House Visit

Photo Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Colby Covington is what we’d call a “heel.”

The guy is a great fighter but a total asshole, a trash-talking former collegiate All-American wrestler who now competes in the UFC’s Welterweight division.

Covington beat Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225 on Saturday to claim the interim belt and set up a future fight with division champion Tyron Woodley. He used part of his post-fight press conference to slag the Philadelphia Eagles for “disrespecting” the country:

Well, they didn’t kneel for the anthem, but whatever. We’ve been over this before.

Covington said similar stuff about the Eagles (and threw in the Warriors) during weigh-ins:

The Woodley/Covington fight is now a win/win in my book.

If Woodley wins, Covington can finally shut his whore mouth.

And if Covington wins, the UFC’s most boring champion is dethroned.

Time’s yours.


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  1. What’s the over/under until Chris Long (huge liberal) responds to this in a tweet ?

    1. Colbyis a patriot!!!
      Eagles a bunch of classless aholes.
      I so hate that team.

  2. I feel so heart broken that some dumb ass wigger is so down on the eagles.
    Maybe he should get some more tats to raise his self esteem.

      1. My wife left me cause she saw replying to every one of Britt McHenry’s tweets

  3. Heard from a friend that works for the eagles.. Only Jenkins plus 2 or 3 other black players, and long(BTW, evidently he is a huge asshole) had a real problem with the team going to the white house for the visits. Foles, Laurie, Doug and swoop were the only ones going to go after the other players puss’d out and caved to Jenkins & Long. But this person told me, 100% that the birds players are the ones that fucked this up.

    1. Heard it from a friend who
      Heard it from a friend who
      Heard it from another you’ve been messin’ around

    2. I heard from a uncle who knows Roger Goodell’s 3rd cousin’s sister in law on his mothers side.
      He’s not happy. Plans to yank the eagles team from the 2018 schedule as punishment.

      BTW, Who the &*#$&^ is Laurie?

      1. I hate Fox News and think the Eagles were giant Ass-hats for what they did.

        Tim Thomas GOT ROASTED when he skipped his White House trip for the Bruins and ESPN scolded him for it. Now? The players are “brave”

        EVERYONE who threw hissyfits over the past 2 years because of the President is going to be so embarrassed 5-6 years from now including you Snowflake.

  4. Hey Kinker,
    Please tell Kyle to have my fake DefLeppard/Journey and U2 concert shirts ready.
    3/25$ as discussed. I’ll take 9.
    I’ll be in section A of the well Fargo parking lot in my F250-SuperDuty.

  5. How come it looks like he sucking on a microphone in that third pic?
    Seems to me that he’s the one that sucks.

  6. says:

    we saw it coming

  7. ugh …did you guys really just mention this guy on here? seriously, anyone that follows the sport knows this guy says these things just for the attention you give him …I really thought you guys would know better than to get hooked on his rod with this troll bait. very disappointed

  8. Maybe he thinks Trump is an asshole for disrespecting war hero John McCain? Or is it selective ‘roid outrage?

  9. I’m sorry but Colby is the name of a kid who catches a beating in the school yard…
    or plays on the PGA tour. This Wigger is neither. just a dumb w………..
    okay. he looks like he probably could have caught daily beatings in school…………..

  10. I love how all the blowhards that call people “snowflakes” are the guys so fucking sensitive that they lose their minds over a players quiet protest of police brutality. Who really are the snowflakes here?

    1. Snowflakes melt when they hit my searing hot, burnt-orange face, OK?

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