Molly Sullivan is Out at NBC Sports Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY

Sixers sideline reporter Molly Sullivan is the latest Sixers-related casualty at the WFC:

Anyone who has ever lost a job that they were objectively good at knows how Sullivan is feeling right now. And if Brett Brown “deserved” to have the opportunity to work with the Sixers now that they’re actually sort of good, Sullivan probably did too. Here’s a video montage of Sullivan interviewing (among others) Sixer legends like Michael Carter-Williams, Hollis Thompson and Nerlens freaking Noel:

The team has improved, and Sullivan has had the opportunity in recent days to catch the post-game thoughts of deep thinkers like Joel Embiid, even when he was only 69% healthy:

The most exciting part of Sullivan’s farewell tweet is that “(Soon.)” Maybe there’s a little inside knowledge to drop now that she’s on the outside.

Best of luck, Molly, and please accept my humble apologies for the comments that are probably about to appear beneath this piece.

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27 Responses

  1. Sucks. Check out her instagram, she loved flaunting that she worked for the sixers. Best of luck

  2. Meh… I was indifferent. Always kind of a weird vibe from her. Awkward or maybe the way she talked or looked into the camera? can’t put my finger on it. Oh well. I’m sure another hot chick will come along soon enough. The broadcast game department of NBCS Philly seems to find those… (totally separate dept. from the non-game part).

  3. It looks like they are getting rid of all of the females the past few years. But somehow Amy Fadool still remains. She can be clueless or gain weight but not get fired.

  4. What a scumbag move by csn . She was always knowledge & hard working.

  5. NBC philly should open up the pocket book & bring back Meredith Marakovits. She had legs like a thoroughbred

  6. What’s Jaime Maggio been up to? She had a great thick ass. They better not throw Dei Lynam out there with her saggy warlocks.

    Hiring a new hot piece of ass to spout useless garbage is soooo much more important than the GM search

  7. If you paid attention this season, she dropped her last name on twitter and Instagram and stopped wearing her ring.

    My guess is she trusted the process a little too much and there was a problem and they just got rid of her

  8. Wouldn’t be surprised if they replace her with Natalie E. She’s already on the payroll at NBC Sports Philly, loves basketball, not bad looking. Not sure if she has ANY experience in sideline reporting, but let’s be honest, it’s not open heart surgery here.

    I think this reporter’s vague “soon” just means she’s too emotional right now to dive deep into the whole situation. She wants to regroup and then really let everyone know how she feels (even if most of us don’t care). I doubt it has anything to do with a projected or soon-to-be trade/draft rumor coming true. Seems like all the promise this off-season once had for our Sixers team is flaming out faster than the Phillies bullpen. Oooh check mate! Drops mic. Exit stage left.

  9. She’ll be okay looks like she has a gig with ESPN in Las Vegas. but I will admit I would love to see a hot chick on the sidelines doing reports.

    Crossing broad should put up a poll asking what chick should please Molly.

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