NBA Madness: PG13 Opts Out, Spurs in Trade Talks, and LeBron Wants KD in LA

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With NBA Free Agency looming and Friday’s deadline for players like LeBron James and Paul George to opt into the final year of their respective deals, let’s take a look at the latest rumors surrounding potential Sixers targets.

Paul George

This morning, news broke that Paul George was not going to opt into the final year of his deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This isn’t entirely surprising and it doesn’t preclude George from re-signing with OKC. He has two options:

1) Sign a 5yr/$176m max deal


2) Sign a “one-and-one” (a one year deal w/ a player option). He could then opt out after the 2019-2020 season and sign a 4yr/$169m max deal.

Woj reported that the Sixers, Rockets, and Lakers are among the teams interested in signing PG13.

LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith claims to have received calls that LeBron James texted Kevin Durant about teaming up on the Los Angeles Lakers:

No word on how quickly KD hung up the phone.

Kawhi Leonard

Now for the most alarming news of the day for Sixers fans:

I don’t care about the Lakers. If Kawhi goes there, it doesn’t change much. However, if Boston is able to trade for Kawhi Leonard by dangling the 2019 Top-1 protected Sacramento pick, the 2019 Top-8 protected Memphis pick, and some combination of Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum, it would spell an unquantifiable blow to the Sixers’ chances of winning the Eastern Conference – a LeBron James signing notwithstanding.

There will be plenty of developments on the NBA Free Agency front in the next few days, with teams being able to legally make contact with players as of 12:01 AM on July 1st. Be sure to subscribe to Crossing Broadcast for breaking developments.

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  1. This reminds me of the last time Stephen A. Smith lied on camera 3 days ago.

    1. What will happen first?
      Kyle Scott Laskowski comes out with more fake dogs shirts
      or the sixers hire a real GM?

  2. Yeah—instead of keeping up with news on Twitter, let me wait three days for you guys to get around to recording and recapping what everyone already knows.

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