Ranks Andy Reid Ahead of Doug Pederson in Head Coach Power Rankings

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Even after winning a Super Bowl in his second season as a head coach, Doug Pederson still isn’t getting the respect he deserves.’s Elliot Harrison, the league’s power rankings expert, dropped his head coach list. The rundown is… questionable.

The top 10:

  1. Bill Belichick (Patriots)
  2. Sean Payton (Saints)
  3. Pete Carroll (Seahawks) (LOL)
  4. Mike Tomlin (Steelers)
  5. John Harbaugh (Ravens) (LOL)
  6. Mike McCarthy (Packers)
  7. Andy Reid (Chiefs)
  8. Doug Pederson (Eagles)
  9. Jon Gruden (Raiders) (LOL)
  10. Mike Zimmer (Vikings)

I don’t get how a guy who has won a Super Bowl and made his so-so backup quarterback look like one of the game’s best in a few weeks (without his Pro Bowl left tackle) is ranked behind Big Red.

No offense to Andy; he’s a good coach, but he can’t do shit in the postseason. The Chiefs won the AFC West this year but lost to the god damn Titans in the Wild Card round. They were up 21-3 at halftime and choked. And let’s not forget the choke job to the Colts in 2013. He had his good run with the Eagles and we know his limits.

Allow me to critique every other coach in this top 10:

  • Belichick: Cheats. And lost to Pederson.
  • Payton: Lets his coordinators run a bounty system without knowing.
  • Carroll: his coordinator decides to throw at the one yard-line with the Super Bowl on the line instead of running it with one of the best backs in the league.
  • Tomlin: He’s alright, but he lost to the Jags. And he trips rival players.
  • Harbaugh: Like Reid, his luck has run out. How does he still have a job?
  • McCarthy: Thinks DeShone Kizer would’ve been a top 4 quarterback in this year’s draft. He’s almost done.
  • Reid: See above.
  • Gruden: Dude just came back after years in the broadcast booth and he’s automatically in the top 10? He wanted Christian Hackenberg for so long, got him, and cut him three weeks later.
  • Zimmer: see – NFC Championship game

If you care, Jason Garrett is 15th, Jay Gruden is 18th, and Pat Shurmur is 27th.

Time’s yours.


11 Responses

  1. They should just change the name of the Superbowl trophy to the Reid Trophy…. Lombardi was so overrated and Reid won more games than he did.

  2. Gruden is on this list and hasnt coached in… what?… a decade now? That tells me all I need to know about it.

  3. -McCarthy relies on Rodgers for everything and doesn’t know how to coach a running game.
    -Zimmer is very overrated and won the NFC North thanks to Rodgers being injured. (Kirk Cousins will pale in comparison to Aaron Rodgers in the division. Kinda like how he paled next to Wentz)
    -Harbaugh is a special teams coach that got a SB on the backs of his defense. The murderer retires – Ravens haven’t competed since
    -Tomlin inherited a good team and has been slowly making it worse. Yeah, Rapesberger can sling it and Bell can run (watch how bad the team will be when they leave in FA/retirement), but that defense is total rubbish.

  4. where did this so called expert have Dougie P ranked last year?

    yeah, that’s what I thought

  5. This is the most lame list I have ever seen. Might as well pick names out of a hat.

  6. Wow some ground breaking reporting we got here! Thanks for wasting my time! This is by far the worst article I have ever read. Zero substance and Zero knowledge. This honestly looks like a 3rd wrote this.

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