Nigerian Fans Expertly Mocked The Skol Chant

Don’t you love the “Skol” Vikings chant getting mocked? Me too.

First, the Eagles did it against the Vikings with “Foles.”

A couple months later, the Sixers tweaked it with “Fultz.”

And now about three months after that, the “Skol” mockery happened again. On the international level.

Nigeria defeated Iceland 2-0 in Group D play at the FIFA World Cup. Nigeria’s nickname is the “Super Eagles.” They happen to wear green. Iceland is known for the Viking chant known as the “thunder clap.”

So you could say the Eagles once again defeated the Vikings. And with that in mind, Nigerian fans made fun of the “skol” chant.

The Vikings also gave their support to Iceland before kickoff. A quick look at some of the replies:

There’s plenty more Eagle replies. It’s fantastic.

Maybe both teams should just never do the chant again.


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  1. He had an argument with Tyrone that was shown on tv when the show started. I wonder what triggered this and what is the internal strife at station. [email protected] has been conspicuously quiet today other than updates. Hopefully CB can find out.

    1. Nat Egg jammed a 2hp immersion blender into Missineli’s groin and turned it on ‘Puree’.
      And he yelled at her.
      Apparently “Tyrone” didn’t like that.

  2. I bet Mike got mad that WIP had Brett Brown on right at 2. Mike is already losing in the ratings so he probably complained that his producer not only didn’t get Brown for his show, but also that the morning show had him on. Mike is a prick. It’s pretty obvious and exaggerated now that he has a pointless tv show where he needs to be like Cowherd to get people to watch/listen.

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