Of Course Colangelo Ignored Advice

The tale of Big Collars Bryan Colangelo is a complicated one to say the least. In fairness, we won’t be able to fully evaluate his tenure as the Sixers’ president of basketball operations/general manager for at least five years. At that point, we’ll know who Boston ended up getting with Sacramento’s Top-1 protected 2019 pick (unless Hinkie bewitched the Sixers’ ball and we end up with that pick). We’ll also have a better idea of what player Markelle Fultz is. Will he ever live up to the billing of a #1 overall pick? He was, after all, the consensus #1 overall pick, right? Right? Bryan?

Not so fast, says The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor:

“[Colangelo] hasn’t made any other notable signings or non-lottery draft picks, and dealt the draft pick used on Jayson Tatum and a future first from the Kings to the Celtics to trade up to no. 1 for Fultz. It was a decision praised at the time, but after Fultz struggled in his workout with the Sixers last June, league sources say some Sixers front-office members suggested that despite making the trade, the team should have taken a second look at Tatum or Lonzo Ball. But the idea was shot down by Colangelo, according to sources. Fultz was the choice. There was no turning back.

No turning back? Past the point of no return? What is this, the Phantom of the Opera?

On the bright side, Markelle Fultz is apparently working with shooting coach/trainer Drew Hanlen, who has previously worked with Joel Embiid and Justin Andersen of the Sixers, Bradley Beal of the Wizards, and Jayson Tatum of the Celtics.

If Hanlen can work any of his Beal/Tatum magic on Fultz, it might leave Colangelo feeling vindicated years from now, but if it doesn’t, his insistence on drafting Fultz could go down as one of his worst blunders ever.

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9 Responses

  1. Very depressing that trade. Loser Fultz must have had a bad workout with Ainge and Stevens too. They clearly didn’t want him. Fultz would have been around at #3. Con artist ainge would have fucking taken Tatum in any case. AIDS magic Johnson wanted Ball. There was no need for Collar to reach. Loser Colangelo blew two picks – the one on Fultz and the Sacramento pick, who will now be wearing a green uniform. Would love to knock BC the fuck out.

  2. Uh what? As you said, he was the consensus number one and the move was lauded So yes, obviously after he traded up, they were past the “point of no return” to draft the guy they couldve taken at 3.


  3. I can’t stand Trump. But this whole North Korea thing will go down as one the the greatest accomplishments for any potus.

    1. Until the rocket man does what rocket man does and blows the whole thing up in his face. Then he will continue to go down as a clown.

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