Report: Dead Body Found at the New Jersey Home of Janoris Jenkins

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Didn’t expect this one to come across the feed today.

Per TMZ sports, a body was found in the basement of Janoris Jenkins’ North Jersey home. Jenkins is currently in Florida but is apparently aware of the situation.

From the story: 

We don’t know if cops have identified a suspect or even have a working theory on how the person died.

Sources tell us the body was discovered in the basement by a worker at the house. Law enforcement officers in Bergen County raced to the scene. We’re told the coroner showed up a short time later.

The identity of the victim is unclear — we know investigators are actively working the case.

One source connected to Jenkins says the NFL player has been in Florida and was not at the home when cops arrived.

We’ve reached out to JJ’s reps for comment — but, so far, no word back.

That’s about it for any kind of tangible news, though Diana Russini had this:


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8 Responses

  1. there can only be one explanation for this………….joran van der sloot

  2. Thanks for the Eagles hot take! Good stuff buzzfeed!

  3. Hey all. Just tried to call my good pal Ange. Wife said he went to bed in his blue pin striped PJ’s. She said he was tired. Called it a day at 5:45. I get a WS Champ & Ange a Supe. Anyone heard from Blind Gus ? How’s the station going? Cuz still doing Mt. Rushmore’s? Gotta go…Jilly’s hungry. Texas BBQ

  4. I like that its stated as a DEAD body, I’ve never heard of a LIVE body being found.

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