Reports: LeBron Officially a Free Agent

Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports



Confirmed by others shortly thereafter:

Let’s get LeBron’s people on the phone with general manager Brett Brown. Or, do you pursue Kawhi instead? I dunno, the whole thing is exhausting, which is why I’ve deferred to Russ on the free agency rumor beat.

I have this gut feeling LeBron ends up in Los Angeles. But if he does sign here, Philly media for the next 6 months, including us:

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10 Responses

  1. ESPN reporting that Kwhy Lenard will sign supermax deal with the sixers and Lebron will sign with the sixers….
    per Gin news.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up.
      Yeah, i agree.. a big fat gas bag fake laugh no ratings humpty dumpty over the top brown nosing ass kisser man.

      1. Angelo, if the sixers can't get a free agent, is there any player you would seek in a trade? says:

        You are a smokin’ hot redhead. How old are you?

    1. Quit complaining like a women…………
      What’s the difference if they have one or not anyway……….
      They haven’t won any championships in at least 25 years
      WITH gm’s. so big fn deal.

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