Scott O’Neil vs. Howard Eskin

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Earlier on the WIP evening show, Howard Eskin reported that Scott O’Neil is planning to take a job with the Utah Jazz. O’Neil is the CEO of the 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and other entities under the umbrella of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment.

This would be considered a big surprise after the Bryan Colangelo scandal. Why would the CEO of multiple entities leave for another job out west? Maybe he wasn’t happy with how the Colangelo firing went down?

A little after the “report” came out, O’Neil responded on Twitter and denied any truth to the matter.

“2 am slot.” Good jab. But a look at Eskin’s mentions shows how happy the fanbase would be if he actually did leave the organization.

That’s where the fun begins. Eskin didn’t take lightly to O’Neil’s comments and responded with tweets of his own. After the jump:

Nothing like some good Twitter beef to entertain us on this Monday evening.


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    1. Love the cuz. Cuz actually gets guests like Scott O’Neil in the meat locker . Love when that show talks hoops

  1. I saw that DOPE Scott Oneil gettin a handy from Jolovitz. Only way he gives interviews is if you 2 hand him.

    1. Is it really still journalism when Eskin is always trying to make the story about himself? That’s like the third time this week he’s done that on twitter.

      1. In 1997 Eskin was exposed as the “prominent Philadelphia sportscaster” who had sent a dozen roses to a woman five days before she was murdered by her husband. The woman had posted a fake profile on a dating site, identifying herself as 25-year-old “Brandice”. A note sent with the roses was read during the guilty plea of Raymond Stumpf by his attorney: “Dear Brandice It was absolutely wonderful getting to know you. Hope to get to know you better. You were very thought-provoking and I do love your name. Love, Howard.”

  2. It would be great if that snake Scott O’Neil went to Utah . Would be the best offseason ever with collar & spin doctor Scott gone

  3. I have a beard to cover my acne scars. i wear fur coats because all of the money i’ve saved on the soda tax. no one likes me except for other angry old men.

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