Some Guy Took a Knee at the President’s “Celebration of America” Event

Photo Credit: Carina Bergfeldt, SVT

The President replaced today’s Eagles Super Bowl ceremony with a “celebration of the American flag with Eagles fans,” featuring performances from the United States Marine Band and Army Chorus.

Some reporters and media outlets canceled their trips to Washington after the Birds were un-invited to the White House, but others are down there and sharing some images and video of what’s going on:

One guy took a knee during the singing of the national anthem, captured on video by U.S. correspondent Carina Bergfeldt of Sweden’s “Sveriges Television” –

No clue who that guy is, but I’m sure Twitter will identify him shortly.

Also, here’s what Sarah Sanders said about the Eagles at a White House press briefing:

And there was this:

And, finally, Malcolm Jenkins posted this statement in response to the madness:

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14 Responses

    1. Would take a crane to get that fat Fu CK upright.

  1. As I suspected, there weren’t any “Eagles Fans” invited to this event. Like all South Lawn events at the White House, staff of the Executive Office of the President (most of whom are actually civil service employees, not appointees) are invited and encouraged (and in some cases begged) to attend.

  2. I think it’s likely that fat fuck took a knee because he got winded walking from the building to the lawn

  3. Here’s the thing Kinker…. you, the worm you work for, and just about every media member miss (media doesn’t include you and Kyle because you’re bloggers)…. most people in this country like to keep it simple…. they’re stressed to some degree about their job demands/wages/life in general…. when they look for an outlet (ie their football team), their not looking for complexity/political stands/cultural issues to be addressed/etc…. they quite simply want an outlet for a few hours to take a break, not have all of this crap shoved down their throat, and/or listen to someone else’s “agenda”. So regardless of the current President’s political gamesmanship and (apparently) the UN Ambassadors/Rhodes Scholars we have playing football these days, we’d just prefer everyone keep it simple (because we’re aware of the problems)…. the anthem is played and you stand, the President invites you to the White House and you go. We don’t care what words to a song the President knows and what he doesn’t know. We don’t want anyone’s agenda (we’re aware there are issues in this world), we don’t need you to explain any of this and/or discuss/debate the issue. If players feel this strongly about “xyz issue”, they chose the wrong profession…. quit bashing heads and moving a ball over a line for a living and show some real guts and run for political office (guts because it pays a lot less and it’s a much tougher road in life). Otherwise, we expect our entertainment to be delivered according to our expectations, Americans to stand for the national anthem, and Pro Athletes to focus on their “cause” in their off time (like the rest of us). You are likely to argue, “that’s the point of the protest, it annoys you and therefore they’re accomplishing their goal…. bringing an issue to the surface and using their “platform” to do it”…. yep, you’re right…. but we also are allowed to react with disappointment, and generally be an annoyed consumer of the product that plans on purchasing less going forward. Regardless of what you/Kyle the Worm think you understand, Trump definitely understands this (with all of his flaws) and hats why he’s sitting in the seat he currently occupies. Keep analyzing/debating/discussing d-bag, but realize it’s not that hard to understand.

    1. Agree to disagree. It’s all a personal choice, that’s what really makes “America Great”. Protesting is one of the highest forms of patriotism. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, everyone does not have to agree, but everyone should respect each other and each other’s beliefs. Live and let live, fairly simple. Life’s too short to be assholes to each other

  4. Maga snowflakes ain’t gonna like this.

  5. the fight continues…and thats exactly the problem. The players had a once in a life time opportunity to speak with the President of the USA behind closed doors and really air out their grievances with the one person that could benefit themselves and the co. they work for (NFL).
    This is on the players, Stop blaming trump. Dopes.

    1. You obviously have no idea what happens during one of these visits. There is no time for any policy discussions with the President. The team arrives, gets a tour of the White House from a staff member, then is ushered into the Oval Office or another room for a photo with the President. Then the team and president go outside and the President, Coach, and Owner make a few remarks. The team hands the President a jersey or a football, and that’s it. There is no more than 30 minutes of the President’s schedule dedicated to this event. Its in and out and on to the next thing. There is no closed door discussion of anything. Maybe some small talk, maybe an anecdote or two about how much the President loves football, etc etc, but that’s it.

  6. The team says they are all coming, then 70 of 80 cancel last minute when there going to be in DC anyway.

    So its fine for the team be purposefully disrespectful and deceitful…..with the full intent to attempt to embarrass the President.

    But when The President says “Yeah….no.” all the usual SJW crowd start clutching their pearls and practically fainting that they got treated with something less the warmest of welcomes. Get real.

    And drop the “we fed the hungry” line Malcom. You handed out boxes of food in your $1500 track suit at a photo op. No one was “hungry” and if they were they were just as hungry the next day. You changed nothing because all you’re doing is virtue signaling. Thats what all celebrities do. Because it’s as close to nothing as there is.

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