The Plot Thickens

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Stick to sports!

Well it’s kind of hard to do that when the White House and the Eagles collide head first with one another, figuratively.

The latest piece of news making the rounds is this bit from Politico reporter Annie Karni, who seems to have the White House’s side of the story:

Hmm.. okay. I find it very hard to believe that the Eagles would try to reschedule 24 hours or less after submitting their attendance list.


Yeah? I don’t know. That would be pretty insidious if the Eagles did that. I don’t think Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson are those dudes, but that’s just my opinion, man.

There’s also this from ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers:

Malcolm Jenkins is a team captain, so that report suggests he would have met with Trump. Unless, of course, the team just picked new captains for the day, or made something up to avoid that. For what it’s worth, the other four captains this season were Carson Wentz, Brandon Graham, Chris Maragos, and Jason Peters. 

And “those events” Travers mentions are the youth and community service events the NFL Player’s Association talked about in their statement this morning:

That’s the very latest.

Reporting for Crossing Broad dot com, I’m Kevin Kinkead. We’ll send it back to you in the studio.


16 Responses

  1. Boy I sure am glad there is nowhere to hide from Politics now. Talking politics 24/7 is more fun than March Madness, the Super Bowl, and Blizzcon all wrapped into one!

    1. Politics affect your life more than any of those things you absolute dummy. Maybe you should pay attention more.

      God forbid people talk about politics instead of video games.

  2. It’s okay to report on what happens without making your opinion known…ya know, like a journalist should. This time you did it. Let editorials be editorials and reports be reports.

      1. Keep saying your opinion. I agreed with your take. If you plan on saying something that I don’t agree with, then maybe just keep it to yourself.

    1. lol you only care when its something you don’t agree with. I’m sure you go to Breitbart and complain about the bias too right you nerd.

      Kyle is a libertarian doofus and everybody he works with here all thinks Jordan Peterson is great but yet you still cry like a baby.

  3. 70 + names to attend doesn’t mean that it was all players – that would have been everyone, coaching staff, front office, ownership, players, guests, etc – I find it hard to believe that the true number of players was suddenly a shock. This is a naked PR move by President Drumpf to twist this into his narrative.

  4. Man I miss sports . Can’t get away from this political shit . I gained a lot of respect for Martinez and harry Mayes today making a point to stay away from this topic

    1. Same. They are awesome. We look to sports for an escape. No one wants this crap. It’s shoved down our throats all day long anyway with MSM, Twitter, Facebook – makes it so easy to influence the simpletons and sheep. This country is going to hell.

    2. “Hurrr man I miss sports durrrr I can’t wait to get away from all this stuff that directly affects my life and the country I live in hurrrrrr”

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