The White House Responds

(Official White House Photo)

Well, not the building itself, but the Office of the Press Secretary, who just put out this statement:

I will keep my opinions to myself, like a true, unbiased journalist.

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28 Responses

  1. Sounds reasonable and I’m certain its factual.

    The players wanted to go out of their way to embarrass the president.

    And he gave them an “FU” before they could.

    That’s EXACTLY how to handle it. Its disrespectful and childish to say you’ll be attending, then last minute say you won’t attend even though your traveling to Washington. It was a an attempt to be smug and sneer at the President and he turned it around and made the players (and the organization) look like petulant children.

    Oh…And F the 1000 fans who traveled to DC to be part of it too. Who cares about that rabble? Right Jeff?

    Oh…And F the fans at the game with Malcom Jenkins “black power” salute too. Because that’s not racist,

      1. No, he high key sucks. Dumb Donnie explicitly lied and said Eagles took a knee during the anthem. Fox News help perpetuate that lie by showing images of Eagles kneeling in *prayer* long before the anthem.

        Dumb Donnie then kinda sorta retracted his lie and told another idiotic lie: that the Eagles “abandoned their fans.”

        You’d have to be a total fucking moron to support that treasonous assclown.

  2. Kudos for keeping it real and taking criticism the right way!

    Now my take: there’s probably some truth to this but of course it is being politically spun because every politician and every WH administration is guilty of it.

    If the Iggles really tried to reschedule the event for when POTUS was going to be in Singapore then shame on them for either a) being oblivious to world events or b) trying to set this up for a PR stunt.

    Again, if social justice is the cause of a lot of players I think they’re being foolish for not taking the opportunity to confront POTUS and have a discussion.

      1. Next week. He’s got G7 later this week and then supposedly on June 12th he’s meeting with Kim in Singapore.

  3. 3 players and Swoop!

    I want to thank Trump for getting people all across the country to support the Eagles. The Eagles are America’s Team today. This is great!

  4. This is definitely what happened.

    It would be easier for Eagles if there was no WH visit. They don’t want to decline because that would not be a good look for them. Best way to accomplish this is to play these childish games and release the small amount of attendees just 24 hours prior to event knowing full well that Trump would have no choice but to cancel. He can’t have the optics of a President and 8 and white guys and Swoop at photo shoot.
    So trump disinvited them and now, like clockwork mind you, the lib sheep and simpleton public moan about how this is just another example of how evil trump is. Problem solved.
    Only issue is that everyone else (other than MSM, twitter libs, MSESPN, Clinton News Network, etc) now know how petty and disingenuous Lurie is.

    1. If this is the long term strategy for Jeff then I only respect him more.

      Philadelphians overwhelmingly voted blue, we all support the Eagles and believe this is the best outcome.

      stay out there in pennsyltucky, hopefully your parents wont evict you when you reach 30.

  5. The Eagles, led by Jeff Lurie, wanted to embarrass the President. How do you go from 81 people going to then a small handful?

    Well, it was the Eagles liberal owner Jeff Lurie convincing team to attend other events and just have a small group visit the White House in an attempt to .send a message to the President.

    Total disgrace!

    I am done being a fan of this team!!!!

    1. I’m annoyed by the whole thing (including Trump getting involved in this whole NFL thing… As I was when Obama stuck his nose in things he shouldn’t have) but I’m not letting it ruin my love of the Iggles. I try to keep sports and politics separate, regardless of how much both sides try to pull us in.

  6. Eagles now have more than half the Country against them!

    Well done Jeff Lurie!

    Mr Lurie decided to go with the small group that hates the President, like himself, and punish the rest of the team and the fans that were going to attend!

    1. crap you’re right. everyone hates us………..what are you a teenage girl who needs people to like them?

  7. When are the “Trump Don’t Like Us Shirts – and we care!” shirts going on sale?

  8. Everyone knows the real reason Trump cancelled was because he was too scared to shake the hand of Big Dick Nick.

  9. Here’s may take…
    The Eagles sent 81 names not as a list of everyone who WAS coming but rather as a list of all people who would POSSIBLY attend, since, you can’t just show up on the day, you need to have the Secret Service do a background check. That doesn’t mean the Eagles ever intended 81 people to show up, just that they were covering themselves so that if someone in the organization wanted to come, they would be on the list.

    I’m also curious as who these 1,000 Eagles fans are or were. My understanding is that when a team visits the White House, the WH invites the relevant Members of Congress who can bring a few people each, and then opens the event up to the extended staff of the Executive Office of the President, which includes people who work for agencies such as the Office of Management and Budget who have offices in the Executive Office building which is not even on the White House grounds. In some cases, Exec Office of the President staff can bring a limited number of cleared guests.

    Was there a list of 1,000 Eagles fans that were allowed into the event? If so, how was that list put together? Or, is the WH just counting about a 1,000 people, most of whom will be Exec Office staff, who will wander over to be part of the event?

  10. Even when Donny is right, he ends up looking like an idiot.

    “You have told me you don’t want to come to my party so I am taking back my invite”.

    Take the high road Donny. Just go along with your little party and act like it doesn’t bother you. Screaming that it bothers you, makes you look pathetic and you lose again.

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