This Story is Fake, But We’re Gonna Leave it Up Anyway

You probably saw the video of Rhys Hoskins arguing with a fan at last night’s game, but if you didn’t, here ya go:

Apparently that fan wrote a post at The Good Phight, the Phillies SB Nation blog, explaining what happened.

But – plot twist! Turns out it was fake.

Here’s the entire post:

I’m not sure if you guys saw the news today but Rhys Hoskins told me to “go home” last night. I called him a bum after his final at bat in the 8th inning (0-4 with 2 strikeouts). He told me to go up to the plate and hit and I told him it was his job not mine then he repeatedly told me to go home. Let me tell you what’s wrong with this picture.

1. I brought my wife and two kids to the game last night.

2. I spent $1,600 on tickets and another couple hundred on merchandise, food, drink, and parking.

3. I paid this money to go and cheer on the Phillies.

4. The Phillies leader told me to go home.

Something is wrong with that picture. This guy is making $552k this season and he has the balls to tell an average fan to go home. I will be going back tonight in the same seats and I will make it a point to heckle him after every strikeout against Severino. This was an unbelievable statement from him last night and I have lost all respect for the guy. I am thinking about starting a go fund me for Hoskins to start seeing a shrink twice a week but then again that might not be enough!

Right, so the phony fan comes across as a jabroni who spent around $2,000 on one Phillies game. He also says the incident happened in the 8th inning when it actually happened in the 6th inning.

Later, editor Liz Roscher added this note to the top of the page:

“Shockingly, this guy was making up the entire thing! I know, how totally unlikely! It was a sad ploy for attention, but this post is too hilarious to take down. The writer has been banned from here forever, but please enjoy his stupidity in perpetuity. I know I will. – LR”

And from Twitter:

Uhhhh….. okay. Regarding SB Nation and their five million blogs, I’m pretty sure that if you’re a “registered” community member that you can just publish whatever you want without editing or supervision. That’s what I’ve been told. There’s an entire guide on how to do it.

And the guy who wrote the thing, “Kofsports,” apparently has his own site and wrote a different version of the story there. He later commented on the SB Nation shit post with this:

“I saw the story on the news so I thought it would be funny to put together a post pretending to be the guy who got yelled at. No, I wouldn’t spend $1,600 to see the Phillies lose to the Yankees. Sorry for offending all of you, I guess you can’t sense the tone in an article.

Everyone can flip out one more time and then get over it. I’ll also offer anyone who was offended by my joke of an article a free VIP membership to if you bet on sports. Delaware Park and Dover Downs is right down the road from you.”

I was offended. I’d like a VIP membership to

Kof and Liz exchanged a few words after his comment:

Here’s your boy, “KofSports” –

Can’t wait to go over to and check out his content.

Anyway, I’m not sure about TGP’s operating methods, but imagine if we let the fake dog shirt guy from the comments section write guest posts for us. And as far as SB Nation goes, Bleeding Green is excellent, a daily read for me. I don’t think Brandon over there would tolerate some crappy fake fan post.

And I know we would NEVER do anything for cheap clicks at Crossing Broad dot com.


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8 Responses

    1. The Crosswalk? That was before my time. I doubt anyone could’ve directly posted without clearance.

  1. Liz Rocher is such a dork it hurts my face.

  2. Saw the picture of “KofSports” Apparently he posted a picture he took in a mirror, because the B on his Boston Red Sox cap (so already you know he’s a loser) is backwards. Does know how to take a selfie? Has no friends to take a real or decent picture of himself? Born 1990, and brags about 25 years of experience being a sports fan. So apparently sitting is a poo filled diaper at the age of 3 in front of a TV makes you a Boston Red Sox fan.

    Piece of shot trying to self promote on the back of underpaid rookie. Why not say that about Jake Arrieta? Because Jake has the money to hired an attorney and sue for slander and libel.

    I think he’s still butt hurt about the Pats losing to the Eagles.

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