A Local Reporter Claims To Have Purchased Bryan Colangelo’s Unclaimed, Initialed Dress Shirts

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting Twitter thread from Julian Coltre, a New Jersey based reporter. He may or may not own some of Bryan Colangelo’s possible dress shirts before he got canned.

Here’s his white-collar story:

I wonder the exact amount he got, but we’ll continue.

“BC” initials, in different variations, inside the neck. A nice touch I’d say.

But if it’s true, let’s see the collar.

But that’s not all. He’s got a suit coat to go with it as well.

Find a new slant.


8 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ, this place will post anything.

    Write a fuking article about the Flyers offseason. Eagles?

    1. Still need a goalie.
      Didn’t get one.
      Same as the last 30 offseasons.
      There, we good?

    2. Eagles will compete and win something.
      Flyer will tank and win nothing.

      I keep waiting for CB to break down the eagles roster by positions like they did when they posted those
      200 articles about the FN sixers and their irrelevant summer league….but my attention to this
      was misguided and wasted once again.

      More ass kissing tongue licking brown nosing articles on the convict meek mill would be good.

      1. Latifa, it’s July 10th. We have August through February to “get it back to the Eagles”

        so relax home girl

  2. If anyone is curious, I’ve worn a pair of them in back to back days and they’re quite comfortable. If they are BC’s (and if Barbara was a catalyst for buying them) then they were definitely purchased in great taste!

  3. Usually Kinker is dumping these irrelevant articles (in addition to his fine ‘from scratch’ articles) to CB.
    and now Yastremski is doing it?
    WTF? did he get the short straw?
    Is Kyle Scott Laskowski making your guys draw straws from a hat?

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