Blame Canada: Kawhi to the Raptors

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I wasn’t ready for this. I didn’t want this. I don’t want to acknowledge it’s happening. After a summer filled with rumors that the Philadelphia 76ers were engaged in trade talks for San Antonio Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard, the air came out of the bubble today. The Toronto Raptors will reportedly acquire Leonard in a blockbuster deal for a package built around 4-time NBA All Star and 2018 All-NBA Second Team member DeMar DeRozan:

Anyone who’s followed the Kawhi saga this summer knows of the report that Leonard would prefer to play in Los Angeles for either the Lakers or Clippers. There had been some hope in Sixers circles that Leonard would consider signing an extension with Philadelphia if a deal could have been struck. I can’t imagine he’s thrilled with the news of his basketball deportation to north of the border.

DeRozan, who was recently told by the Raptors front office that he wouldn’t be traded, doesn’t appear to be pleased with the deal:

The cruel irony in this for me is the fact that the player that got me into basketball was former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter and now that team has driven a stake through my hopeful heart. Thanks for nothing, Canada.

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4 Responses

  1. Russ, I went back and forth in the comment section with you and my position was that you didn’t give enough of a chance for him to be traded to all of the other 29 teams. You essentially called me an idiot and said that only Boston, LA, and the Sixers had a chance. Now this happened. Are you finally willing to admit that the fans of this site may actually have a better understanding of the NBA than you? You continuously replied that I was unrealistic and you claimed this was the one sport you truly understood. Go back and read your comments. Maybe you’ll finally understand we would prefer you leave the column writing to other employees

    1. I went back and read every comment you’ve posted on this site. This was your eighth. I stand by what I wrote before and said in the comments. It’s a Philly sports site. I wrote from the thought that Kawhi’s best options and most likely destinations were LA, BOS, or PHI. I don’t know how many people would want to read a post about how 29 teams in the NBA could put a package together for a superstar on this site. If you can find me something from May 15th (the original post) or that time by Woj, Shams, David Aldridge, Marc Stein, Chris Sheridan, or any other major basketball writer/insider who considered Toronto building a package around DeRozan for Kawhi, I’ll gladly admit I missed it. I didn’t see Toronto wanting to part with DeRozan nor did I expect San Antonio to make a deal without a better pick than a Top-20 protected first rounder.

  2. Russ, are you blocking my response? I submitted a comment almost immediately after your retort. No foul language. Did it simply disappear?

    1. Long response? I’ll check the pending comments. Long ones typically filter there for some reason.

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