DeMarco Murray, Another Fan Favorite, is Also Retiring

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray and Chase Utley, two Philadelphia sports legends retiring.

Well, we didn’t get official word from Utley yet, but Murray made his announcement a little while ago:

The 30-year-old running back was a three-time Pro Bowler who logged more than 7,000 yards on the ground over the course of seven NFL seasons. He was coming off a ridiculous 1,845 yard, 13 touchdown campaign in Dallas when he joined the Eagles as part of Chip Kelly’s 2015 overhaul.

Murray was a big disappointment in Philly, mostly because Chip insisted on running him sideways out of the shotgun instead of just letting him go north/south from under center. He finished with 702 yards and six scores that year and was shipped off to Tennessee when Chip was fired.

Ironically, Murray had one of his best games in the 2015 finale, when he ripped off a 54 yard touchdown run under the watchful eye of interim head coach Pat Shumur. He ran for 100 yards only once as an Eagle and was more or less a square peg/round hole fit for Chip’s “high powered” offense.

Behold, his 2015 game log:



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3 Responses

  1. “ran him sideways”…Murray’s best runs as a Cowboy came when they ran stretch plays off tackle, essentially what Chip ran just about everytime….which was his problem. Also the dude was cooked because Dallas literally rode him into the playoffs from the year before. It’s why Ryan Mathews had more success running that season and Murray looked like he was running in quicksand.

    I’m not saying signing Murray was a good move or that Chip’s offense was great, they were both horrible, but you need fresh legs and not guys who were workhorses the year before. Chip rode Shady to the playoffs in 2013 and then the next season Shady looked beat, yet Chris Polk and Sproles performed well “running sideways”. McCoy has become a workhorse once again with the Bills and this past year he had the worst rushing avg. for his career

    Pederson did the wise thing and used a committee which enabled the offense to always have someone fresh running the ball

    1. the big difference though is that Romo was giving him the ball from under center on those outside zone plays. if you go through DeMarco’s 2014 highlights I believe there are very few draw/read type of plays coming out of the shotgun

      also, the Birds offensive line wasn’t amazing in 2015. Kelce I think had a down year and Barbre was the starting right guard, yeah? can’t remember

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