Dez Bryant to… the Browns?

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The Cleveland Browns need a receiver.

Well, they need a lot of things, but they have a specific need at receiver since Josh Gordon will not start training camp with the team as he focuses on his “health and treatment plan” instead.

That leaves the Browns with Jarvis Landry and a number of question marks at the WR spot, and general manager John Dorsey confirmed that the team has discussed bringing in the still-unsigned ex-Cowboy.

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Dorsey acknowledged that he doesn’t know when Gordon will be back, and switched him from the ‘did not report’ list to the non-football illness list.

The new designation gives the Browns a total of two open roster spots, and Dorsey admitted he doesn’t know if one of them will be used on Gordon.

Bryant is a three-time Pro Bowler who could fill the void if Gordon doesn’t make it back this season.

Dorsey acknowledged the team has considered the eight-year pro.

“I’ve had a chance to be around Dez,” he said. “I’ve known Dez, I got a chance, when he was down there at Lufkin Texas, I actually went to his workout and got a chance to meet him down there. I know what kind of person he is and what makes him, he’s a very talented player. Have we had discussions about Dez Bryant? Yeah, that’s natural. You’re going to have discussions like that. Now, we’ll see what comes to fruition in the next couple days, but we’ve talked about it. You have to talk about these things.”

Bryant turned down a three-year deal from the Ravens earlier in the offseason.

Ian Rapoport says Dez wants to play for a contender:

Not sure the Browns are a contender, but ya never know.





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  1. whoa, He hasn’t been signed yet?? Klinker, does he get signed by a team before the season starts? If the browns dont ?

  2. No , you can see House of Cards on in the background… proving it was while he was married.

    1. Guys, it was in his mouth for 2 seconds. The man is not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      1. I think the issue is he took a huge load on his face and seemed to enjoy it

          1. you talking about the one with Burrell or the other one with the black dude?

  3. What’s up with that obnoxious lady yelling let’s go Phillies all game today? Trying to listen at work but find it insufferable because of that pigs voice ringing in my ears

  4. They will end up with best record in NL and they just don’t lose at home. They will be huge underdogs in World Series and I don’t think they beat the Astros or Sox but the NL is just really weak this year. As good as the Phils are at home the Sox are even better. Only 13 losses at home this season. 5 better than Phils. Redsox are waiting for Phils and have been since 2008 when the Rays ruined the Sox season.

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