Here is Jake Arrieta Running Beach Sprints


The first-place (I’ll use this for as long as I can) Phillies are off until Friday night when they open up the second half of the season at Citizens Bank Park against the San Diego Padres. It appears after a week-long tease of Manny Machado rumors that they will do so without the All-Star shorstop in the middle of their lineup:

There are a lot of disappointed Phillies fans out there tonight, but it appears Jake Arrieta is taking the news harder than anyone:

Can’t blame him. That’s what pitching in front of the Phillies’ lineup will do to a guy. Just kidding. I’m sure the sprints were just part of his standard workout regimen. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I, too, considered going for a run to blow off some steam after today’s disappointing developments, but I decided to take a pass on that. I have instead elected to eat four slices of pizza as I sit on the couch aimlessly refreshing Twitter while I watch all of the All-Star hitters that the Phillies don’t have.


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  1. Typical Phillies front office BS. Refuse to include a 19 year old pitching prospect that no one can accurately project yet for one of the best proven young bats in the game. We all know Manny isn’t choosing a Philly on the open market.

    Get ready for the Cole Hamels trade. This franchise will never let us forget 2008. Sigh.

  2. That’s me running from that house on pen f@rm road in Purka sie after I banged that hot wife. Her hubby was out begging for press credentials lol

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