Jay Ajayi Prefers Fish and Chips to a Philly Cheesesteak

Eagles running back Jay Ajayi is doing some sort of “ask me anything” on Twitter today. The hashtag is #AskJay.

Some guy asked him to choose between fish and chips and a Philly cheesesteak:

Ajayi was born in London and lived there until he was seven, so I get it.

But let’s be honest, a “proper fish and chips” is basically just fried cod or haddock with french fries. It’s the thing you order on the menu if you can’t find anything else. It’s the backup choice to your backup choice.

Plus, it’s just bad optics. You can’t be a Philadelphia Eagle and say that fish and chips is better than a cheesesteak.

Jay Ajayi needs to be cut, right now.


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  1. I was riveted from start to finish. Surprised this post isn’t subscriber-only. You’d have people signing up in droves to access this. Keep up the great work reporting stuff that people definitely care about and can’t get anywhere else.

      1. i think you’re too close to the fire to realize how large of a flaming ball of shit this website has become. Look ma I’m a buzzfeed “journalist” !

        Ever consider your long-term career? The event horizon is nearer than you think for this place.

  2. He’s right.

    Especially if you get a curry sauce on the side.

    Doner kebabs are better than both though,

  3. The problem here is that when people hear Philly Cheesesteak they think Pats, Genos which I am sorry are complete junk and tourist traps. I do not eat fish so I cannot put in my opinion regarding the taste difference.

  4. The REAL problem is when people hear “Philly Cheesesteak”, they realize the person saying it is a tool not from Philly. Nobody talks like that. Hi, I’d like one Philly please! Go back to happy Minnesota you Subway-eating trash!

  5. Truly I think all the Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia overrated come on now they’re not that good I mean seriously how much can you eat I mean for real spice it up do something different damn

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