Let’s Get Really Angry About the Eagles’ Madden Ratings

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Madden ratings are out.

I admit that I haven’t played the game since 03′ or 04′, when my college friend from Pittsburgh used to run Jerome Bettis right up the gut on every god damn play.

A lot has changed since then, namely the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, so they top out as the highest rated team this season with a 90. The Patriots, who lost the Super Bowl, are second with an 84.

Individually, these are the Birds’ top five players:

I would probably have Lane Johnson in the top five, but I was very high on Brandon Brooks last year so it’s good to see him get an appropriate rating.

Here’s the next crop of Birds below the top five:

Ronald Darby and Carson Wentz pulled an 86 number, too, I just couldn’t fit them in this graphic. Nigel Bradham is next on the list at 85, which feels way too low to me. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles was given an 80 alongside Haloti Ngata and Derek Barnett. Rookie Dallas Goedert was handed a 77 and Corey Clement also got a 77, which I also think is way off.

League-wide, there are seven players tied at the top with a 99 rating:

  • Tom Brady
  • Antonio Brown
  • Aaron Donald
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Luke Kuechly
  • Von Miller
  • Aaron Rodgers

Wentz is the 10th ranked quarterback. Foles is ranked 23rd behind Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor, Derek Carr, and Alex Smith. Yeah, I know, he only played a couple of games last year, but if I gave you a choice of those five quarterbacks to run your offense, which one are you choosing? Smith? Carr? Taylor? A rookie? Didn’t think so.

You have to go 30 spots before you reach Malcolm Jenkins. For what it’s worth, EA sports has four Dallas Cowboys at 95 or above (Sean Lee, Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith).

Yeah, whatever, it’s just a game, but I think the fact that the Birds are spread out so evenly and not really top heavy at all reinforces what we already know: the Super Bowl champions really did exemplify what it means to be a team. It wasn’t just a handful of superstars taking this team to the promised land.

Here’s the player rating database if you wanna play around with it:

Player rating database

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11 Responses

  1. Mikey Miss’ “Alternative Tuesday” segment is so hackneyed and forced. He acts like he’s some “hip young” music fan, but he comes off as an old forced fart who knows ZERO about music. Ever see the segment on TV?! It’s the most awkward TV you will ever see!!

  2. This has no bearing on anything in anyones life.
    Its a waste of time.

    But it sure is thought provoking.

  3. Oh grow the feck up. Madden ratings? Worry about more important issues like how much longer that old bat Ruth Bader Ginsberg is going to be alive. MAGA with another SC court pick.

  4. Madden should have an off the field and offseason mode in this Game. Get to see the players beat chicks & fuck strippers .

  5. These comments are inappropriate. If Obama wouldn’t have given colored folks free internet, we wouldn’t have to deal with these comments.

  6. I find these rankings to be interesting, especially because Tom Brady has a higher catching rating than Nick Foles…we know that is wrong. We have evidence from Super Bowl LII.

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