NFL: Snitch on Colleagues, Get a Reduced PED Suspension

Photo Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I guess I missed this one yesterday while blowing out the rest of a sinus infection, both literally and figuratively.

Mike Florio posted a story over at Pro Football Talk titled “NFL’s PED policy encourages players to snitch.”

Florio writes that he was reviewing the NFL’s policy in relation to the Julian Edelman situation, when he came across a passage that explains how players can be rewarded for tattling on others:

The NFL Management Council may, prior to the conclusion of a Player’s appeal, reduce the length of the suspension and corresponding bonus forfeiture by up to 50% when the Player has provided full and complete assistance (including hearing testimony if required) to the Management Council which results in the finding of an additional violation of the Policy by another Player, coach, trainer or other person subject to this Policy.

Seems like a good policy. Snitch on somebody else for your own benefit. Then when that player only serves half of their penalty, I guess everyone now knows they’re a snitch.

It’s the same way our justice system works. Say you’re Jessica Chastain in “Molly’s Game,” and they give you the option of saving yourself by ratting out the Russian mafia instead. Do you do it? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

But I don’t know if this policy is a “one size fits all” approach. Not sure encouraging pro football players to snitch is really the path we should be on, but whatever, I don’t make the rules.

Your thoughts, Lane Johnson?

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8 Responses

  1. How appropriate that Kinkead has an article on snitching considering he is a known snitch. How many stoners has Kevin had incarcerated, the world may never know.

    1. Hey Soul Glow…
      Is this true?

      Did CBS know about this?

      That wouldn’t look good on your resume.

  2. Got to love chicks like Lindsay Vonn that only date minorities. Classic.

  3. lol what society do we live in where doing the right thing and telling the truth is looked down upon? “Snitch” you clowns watch too many mafia movies… where they all end up dead and in jail. Clowns

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