Report: Amir Johnson is Returning to the Sixers

Photo credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Blogging from the gorgeous 80th Street beach in Sea Isle, Amir Johnson is coming back to the Sixers.

Per Woj, who appears to take no days off whatsoever:

Sports Illustrated’s Jake Fischer added that it’s for the league minimum, which is about $2.39 million. He made $11 million last year.

In 74 games last season with the Sixers, Johnson recorded 4.6 points per game and 4.5 rebounds a game. But his leadership and especially his hustle were probably big factors into a return to Philadelphia.

It’s probably safe to assume Kyle O’Quinn won’t be a Sixer. He was garnering some interest from the Sixers earlier in the free agency period.

Carry on with the rest of your Fourth of July activities.


12 Responses

  1. If they couldn’t sign O’Quinn, Amir is fine, especially at the price. Unlike a lot of critics I felt he was a professional, mature, competent, and a great teammate.

  2. Amir “the stiff” Johnson is back . Just great

  3. Like a lot of critics, I felt that Amir was unprofessional, immature, incompetent, and a terrible teammate. F#*k him.

    1. Well phrased and clever. Your family and friends just adore your humor and language.

      1. You should be ashamed of yourself Charles Cohen. I hope Kyle shows up with your IP address and email address and exposes you for the troll that you are.

  4. I am very disappointed in this signing. Amir Johnson is a known supporter of Hamas. This is almost as disappointing as Kyle hiring known snitch Kevin Kinkead.

    1. When we make Big Lebowski 2 we are gonna have John Goodman shoot “Amir the Terrorist” and have a guy named “Kinker” takin it in the stinker. Also, Kyle gives us the idea to write a twink into the script.

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